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Gabriel Fahrenheit's Inventions Impact in the World

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Nick Giunta

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Gabriel Fahrenheit's Inventions Impact in the World

Gabriel Fahrenheit's Inventions Impact on the World By: Nick Giunta Daniel Fahrenheit Biography Gabriel Fahrenheit's Time Period Gabriel Fahrenheit's Motivation Gabriel Fahrenheit's
Invention How Fahrenheit's Idea Impacted the 21st Century Did Gabriel Fahrenheit
Have Problems with the Church? Daniel Fahrenheit was born on May 24,
1686, and he died on September 16, 1736.
He was born in Danzig, Germany. He was
one of 5 children. He lost both of his parents on the same day due to a poisenous mushroom. His father was a
wealthy merchant. On August 14th, 1701 he was sent to work and learn from a shop keeper. Then after four years there he became interested in making scientific instruments. -James II publishes Declaration of
-The Battle of Bantry
Bay happens between the French
and English Naval.
-French King Louis XIV declares war on Spain.
-Parliament guarantees freedom of
religion for protestants. -Fahrenheit had a strong interest in
natural science and was facinated by
new inventions.
-He met Olaus Roemer
who made an alcohol thermometer.
-At that time temperature scales were not standarized and people made up their own scales. Gabriel Fahrenheit's invention was
welcomed with the church because it did
not affect anything that has to do with
religion. Fahrenheit invented the mercury
thermometer and the fahrenheit
scale. To measure the temperature of
things. What would happen is the
mercury if it was warm out it would
expand and be pushed up a hole
in the center of the thermometer
to a certain level. His Idea impacted the 21st century
because the fahrenheit scale is still
used everyday in life and alot of people
still use the mercury thermometer. GabrielFahrenheit's Bioghraphy -Gabriel Fahrenheit was born on May 24 1686 and died September 16 1736. -His parents were mercants and they both died in 1701 due to a poisenous mushroom.
-He left and went and studied and worked under a shop keeper for four years.
-Then he stopped working there and became interested in making scientific instruments.
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