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Group Presentation


Collab LSBU

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Group Presentation

influencing the public. Groups:





Greg (Sound)

Booth design/Build:
(Man Work)




Luke Choice of paper
Wanted something to resemble the photo booth print aesthetics
Gloss 230 gsm ROSHNI:
PRINTING Buying own paper
Get good deals online with paper
Order more will be used for other things (used for posters)
Ability to re-print (had to reprint on day)
50 Sheets of A2 for £36 with P+P
Free ink at uni Chris
Good size (too big when measured the venue)
Really rubbish paper
Too expensive
£400+ Print Space
Best prints
Variety of sizes
Way too expensive
£400 with P+P Options
Pro am
Too small biggest 12" x 18"
Couldn't grantee print quality (printing pro files)
Quite exspensive with no reassurance
£60 with P+P A little simple maths shows that we made the right decission financially and practicality.

Buying our own paper and using our 3 years of BA Hons in digital photography to print our selves.
Saved us over £350
if we wanted the same size done professionally. Issues with whole printing process
Having to wait for all the images to be ready before printing
If we had to send off prints we would have struggled
Uni printer (mind of their own)

Pro's of printing:
Saved a lot of money
Was quick once all photos were done
Was able to reprint if any mistake with spare paper
saved us more money on poster by using paper for A board
Good to have control of your prints
Easy to comunicate with class about prints they wanted. The system of the photobooth Equipment:
Canon 7D 24-105mm f.4
Mac book pro
Epson Stylus SX535WD
Optoma DS211 2500 ANSI SVGA DLP Projector
6" x 4" glossy paper/envelopes Technical issues with the booth:
Not being able to test
Testing the system worked
enough space for projector
turn around of prints
Was very hot in the booth
not very much light to work
more space to work Issues on the day:
Lack of extension cables
Correct leads for projection
Mac book not connecting to projector
Only 1 Ipad worked with projector
Transfer of files from photo booth to projection The Photobooth "I wish I was.."? Ideas But:
Can we expect honesty??
...or will they just turn out to be made-up stories? Inspiration Gillian Wearing But:
Wouldn't we just be copying Gillian Wearing's work? Possibility of multiple shots to create a narrative Problem! We could allow groups/pairs.. Will every visitor be expected/forced to have their image taken or will there be a freedom of choice? How much creative freedom will there be/will we tolerate? We need to set our work apart from Wearing's.. New possibilities: Presentation: Design of flyers
Colour Scheme
Email (contacting etc)
Letters (staff, editing)
Personal Invitations
Blurb book Design has a key factor in
promotion of the exhibition:
designing publicity material
to attract attention to the event. Key roles/outcomes in the group Deciding on the theme
for the exhibition! Reflecting back on our previous projects... Gallery based photography, Photography and the body, Individuals projects The Mind Death Traces and Environment Dreams Relationships The body and its form Identity Health Choosing Identity... A concept that can be conrolled well with
many possible avenues to go down.

Portraits, objects, landscapes...

A concept that can involve the viewer very well. Nikki S. Lee Huang Qingjun Rania Matar Taryn Simon Concepts within
our theme The body, expressions of our own
reflections on others Relationships Perhaps within the class, creating
imagery around each other Bringing in the aspect of interactivity Our conscious thoughts... Dreams, wishes, obsessions,
aspirations, regrets, sins. 'I WISH I WAS...' Hidden Identity What do we not want to show? As a class... As individuals... Initial visit to the venue.. Getting an idea of the space Thinking about what we needed to add or take away Measurements Interactivity A way to connect with the audience is needed to enhance their experience of the exhibition.
Make the audience connect with the concept. Collaboration with other photographers Ways to collaborate Collaboration between us Using an archive or selection of work.
Following the same idea or adding that idea on top of original imagery. Collaborating with other artists ·Inviting other artists to create work for our exhibition following a certain concept.
·Very relevant: creating an event more than an exhibition. Sound related to what we are exhibiting?
Ask people from the music course?
Live music? Dj? Recording? Disponsable cameras.
Make the audience experiment the exhibition from another point of view. Documentation photography experience.
Photobook? Playing with the senses
sight,hear,taste, smell, touch The photobooth! The written invitation letter drafted Lou.
and attached was the Flyer for the event.

Dear Sir/Madam,

London South Bank University’s BA (Hons) Digital Photography final year students would like to invite you to an exclusive preview reception of their Captured Confessions Exhibition on 21st November 2012 at

St Mary’s Church,
Eldon Street
6:30pm onwards

The Photo-booth is synonymous with producing images of identity yet shares an aesthetic close to a confession box, traditionally used for admitting to secrets and indiscretions. We have joined these two iconic elements and produced a series of Captured Confessions.
The exhibition includes, along with printed artwork, the opportunity for guests and visitors to participate in Captured Confessions; we have created our own Confessional Photo-booth in which you are invited to express your own captured confession.
The event has been organised, funded, sourced and curated by students working together to create what promises to be an immersive and entertaining experience.
An invite-only preview/reception is being held on 21 November 2012 at 6.30pm, with public viewing on 22 November 2012 between 11.00am and 6.00pm.

Please find enclosed the flyer for the event.

We look forward to seeing you there.

3rd year Students 2012-13
London SouthBank University ORDER:
Venue Design;
Conclusion. The Booth Research Fundraising Misc Marketing/Design Venue Design Conclusion Technical Building The Booth Intro Bake Sale Pub Quiz Drinks Making The Cover - Deciding on material

- Buying the fabric (getting the best price)

- Sewing it together

- At the exhibition

- Last minute changes Head Shots £10 for one
£15 for two
£20 for four The Pub Quiz winners! Equipment we need Lights: dark space- We looked in different lighting websites to rent some LED lights- expensive- other alternatives Carlotta's friend
LED lights Confession board: we look at different options on Ebay- we didn't want to spend our funds on a board. Melissa asked Chris for the boards Notes: Louise worked on getting some stickers for the board We used brown paper because we didn't want to damage the boards. Fabric: we wanted to use white fabric to cover some spaces. Velcro : on Ebay. Carlotta and Aixela went to look for best prices plus box and pens Projectors: we found one at the venue and we used Lou's. + tables (at the venue) Guestbook: we bought a simple notebook- TAB Rope + bulldog clips: to hang the images - Martyn and Will ordered in Ebay. The beginning Looking at different venues
initially, checking dates available,
prices and space. Red Gallery (Old Street) Great location.
Massive space.
No reply to email. Oxford House (Bethnal Green) http://www.oxfordhouse.org.uk/template.php?ID=8&PageName=oxfordhousevenues Great location.
Choice of different spaces.
No dates available. Main Yard (Hackney Wick) Massive space (240m2).
Dates available.
Quite far location. St Mary's Basement
(Eldon Street) Central location (Liverpool St).
Dates available.
Free of charge. We could provide costumes and props at least for our own images we could have different backgrounds too complicated too complicated/different from visitor's images thinking inside the box, unprofessional? too complicated, too different from the visitor's images it needs to be more simple Paradox too simple: lack of creativity too different: confusion Question: We need to find a way to unify the images whilst allowing the most possible freedom for the individual to confess their own personal story Using Projection Projector in the photo-booth:

-linked up to a computer
-people can select pictures/scenes
-evolving around confessions

--> project either onto them or wall behind them Advantages:
- relatively quick and easy, once set up
- uniformity of our and the visitor's images
- original
- vast choice
- freedom But: Will there be any limitations to what the images can be to prevent copyright issues? Selection of websites with images without copyright:
english.artegami.com/sites-to-download-images-without-copyright/ (port 80) No placards? stick with 'I wish I was..' or open it up? How about confessions in general? Blurb Book Design
- Class Suggestions: In Progress... Confession Board: Guest-Book


Press Release Chairs, tables Original plan: Room-divider

But: room too large
irritates the flow

-->Quite heavy and difficult to move

New decision: By the side

advantages: barrier
visitors can move more freely
better overview
more privacy Fabric:

to cover the painting and entrance to material room

But: Velcro too weak!
--> bought sticky

--> decided to also cover up the window Brown paper shreds instead of labels IDA - INTRO

Design and marketing Intro AMY


FACEBOOK 2nd November 2012
Printing Places in Harrow

shop 1 (Photo shop):-- 500 A5 single sided £110 , 500 a5 double sided £155 . Delivery in 5-6 working days

shop 2 (Mailbox) :- 500 single sided 280 gms gloss paper £101.85 .. 6 working days +£7.50 to set it up onto their system Banner for the exhibition 80-25 cm £150 delivery 5-6 working days

Shop 3(Prontaprint) :- 500 140 gsm, color single sided £50 same day delivery, B/W 500 £42.50. banner A0 size £20-30 , not much difference if we wanted a higher gms paper .

There was not much of a difference in the price with color or b/w with all the three options Emails sent to personal contacts and the staff Printing Possible Final Flyer Designs Initial Flyer Designs Colour
Scheme Research Cover:

Use the poster design to create the cover. Using the title and image strip

Overall book:

Square book to match the design of our square prints
Softcover to keep the cost of the book down
Black cover with white pages

General suggestions:

No title pages
Point out the creating process of the exhibition (possibly at the end of the book?)
Take out the photos of the hanging of the exhibition
Make a section at the back of the book, perhaps 4 pages of contact sheets showing the making, setting up, hanging, preview night etc)
Take out confession page. Replace with a section in the middle of the book showing photographs of the confessions taken from the confessional board.
Text about the exhibition could be put onto the back of the book


Suggested layout:

Images - Confessions - Images of the photo booth

Full bleed?
Names under the photos?

Photos of the confessions from the board

Photos taken from the booth - several on a page The book in progress prior to suggestions made by the class... The Assembled Booth 3D Model of the Booth Preliminary sketches of the booth Assembling the Booth at the venue After the idea of the Photo Booth was conceived, research focused on turning the idea in reality. Longest wall of the room, lends itself best
for displaying images. Distractions within the venue, gaps in the walls,
the large paintings, we need to cover them up. Large amount of space once chairs and tables moved, do we need to split up the room? Very warm, fairly dim orange light,
do we need extra lighting? Ideas for the exhibition Inspiration behind the ideas... http://www.tate.org.uk/context-comment/video/tanks-highlights-0 The Tanks! Budget Total raised = £585 Lighting and Hanging Class Contribution - £300
Individual Contributions - £85
Pub Quiz Night - £60
Cake Sale - £140 -Fabric:
Woolcrest Textiles ltd Hackney
35m for £35.00 -Confession Board:
Arranging an Addison Lee cab to pick up the boards from London Southbank to the venue. -Lights:
Initially borrowed 3 standings and one LED light. We then borrowed one more standing and one more LED, all from Main Yard warehouse, Dace Road Hackney, Wick. https://www.facebook.com/events/204954616304769/?fref=ts [ ] exhibition statement a-boards Intro to Social Media -The importance of advertising on Facebook
- Eye catching event
- Good networks
- Handpicked London & The Mango Lab
- Cancellation event
cancellation Rise of social media Setting up the exhibition: smaller bits and pieces: Table by entrance 1 outside, 1 downstairs moved to material room last minute adjustments: Sound projection there was none! Quickly printed some
--> on table almost inaudible

turned up volume

still almost impossible to hear

music original plan:
mobile projection board
--> next to painting

projected onto the fabric: hides painting more tidy more professional + Contemporary mediums:
artists promoting there work Portfolio websites/
Virtual Exhibitions Twitter Linking design Live tweets to gain
attention from public Making the exhibition easy to find Linking the tumblr and
twitter accounts #hashtagging to gain
public interest Contacting local galleries/
Promotion locally www.capturedconfessions.tumblr.com Why marketing and design is important especially for an event like ours Our marketing strategy/plan
-What is our product
-Who is our target audience
-how to get target audience most efficientlly
-How to maximize the turn up Our budget Why marketing has been a challenge The final outcome/turn up Methods of Presentation Ways to exhibit Exhibition layout Hanging methods Involving Interaction Photobooth succesful experience for it to work Create and process the photobooth that still creates the intimate experience of entering a real one.

.Fast and efficient process/short waiting times.
.Making a space that the subject can feel free to express themselves, i.e feel confident in their surroundings with use of the projectors. Decorate it to suit the atmosphere of the venue https://twitter.com/captureconfess Projection? Print/Print size Unrealistic one big projection? framed/mount/suspend/hang? .Grasping the concept of the event;
.layout of the venue that has an implied course of observation. eg. route to photobooth, arrangement of work etc. Confession board Test assembly of the booth Building and materials research Working as a small team Costing and budget Finding a location Finalising The Design Buying materials Alterations during construction Holding placards with different words/pictures
evolving around the theme. Whiteboard?
Individual pieces of card?
Word limit? little ethical question: leaving them a choice might be wiser! Exhibited Images Why did we include projections in our images? Did the images work as a series? A selection of our work... “Due to unforseeable circumstances, the exhibition will not go ahead today. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.” [ ] How did the lighting effect the images? Concept Behind the photographs. -Your almost free of your emotions when confessing your sins. -Making our own confessions. -Being anonymously honest. Taking of the Photographs - Setting up the studio. - The Process "It's the first time I've been to confession – an interesting experience"

"Too many things to confess about, couldn't pick one... great exhibition, thanks"

"Really interesting to read about everyone's confessions/ look at them. Its pretty epic actually"

"Too cool! The photobooth you made is amazing, and the pictures too "
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