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The Marraige Of Pr Ideas & National SEO Boosting Campaigns

No description

Eventa Group

on 6 March 2017

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Transcript of The Marraige Of Pr Ideas & National SEO Boosting Campaigns

The Best Man
Who I Am
Welcome to the

Marriage of


The Engagement
Keith White
Head of Marketing

The Big Day
A National SEO Boosting Campaign
Your PR Idea
How We Met

Keith White
Head of Marketing
We operate in a very seasonal industry,
with very specific demographics
The Purpose:
Take our brand to a far bigger audience
Capture their attention BEFORE
they actually need us.
Our Campaign
Does the idea still make sense?
What do you have at your disposal?
How are you going to get the desired results?
We wanted to create something relevant, that stood out during a crucial time of year for us

From New Year to end of February
we see 50% of our annual bookings
We wanted to go on a National search for Britain's Biggest Bromance, and discover which two blokes held the strongest hetro-sexual feelings for each other. We'd do this starting 1st Jan until Feb 14th, and provide an alternative love story for the media to cover on the most romantic day of the year.
Search for Britain's Biggest Bromance
Don't think single mindedly about it - who can help you maximise your idea, your brand? Who else has your audience?
The Run Up:

Email campaigns to our database.
Social/Viral campaigns, via Nuts.co.uk.
Regular blogs spotlighting particular entries.
Adverts on our own website.
The Reception
We took our search for
Britain's Biggest Bromance
to an estimated audience of 110,000,000
in 1 week
Make yourself available for interviews
The Honeymoon
We created dedicated landing pages within our site and encouraged people to link to and share these pages.
"Bromance, nothin'
really gay about it"
We are jealous of our
partners' Bromances
The Anniversary
Och that's
Can you make this an annual thing?
Can you rehash your campaign and create spin off-ideas aimed at slightly different audiences?
Peak of Engagements



Use the same 'trick' each year?
Key Takeaways
Commit to the initial, time heavy, hard work for a bigger pay off.
Use existing recognisable national events to piggyback on - with an alternative/unique approach.
Create landing pages on your own site to provide further reading/relevance, and maintain continuity.
Remain relevant to your brand, even when branching out from your usual offering.
Don't aim your story at front pages of red tops.
Shocking/Sexy content gets talked about the most.

Bromance to Romance

The Prize
Look for other angles
Use PR+Social and SEO together.
PR is the best strategy for SEO in 2013/14 as it's natural, sharable content.
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