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Copy of Commedia Meets The Simpsons

The stock characters of Commedia Dell'Arte compared to the stock characters of The Simpsons.

David Hampshire

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Commedia Meets The Simpsons

Commedia Dell'Arte


Commedia Dell' Arte
relies on STOCK CHARACTERS. These characters are largely... STEREOTYPES ...that still exist today. These stock characters still appear in pop culture. Most notably in... For Example... Pantalone- the miserable old miser who cares most about his money. Mr. Burns- owner of the Springfield nuclear power plant. Il Dottore- has a position of authority, but is actually quite stupid and gluttonous. Cheif Wiggum- The incompetent
chief of The Springfield Police
department. Arlechinno- an impish fool of low intelligence, unless it comes to pranking people. Bart Simpson- Springfield's troubled, but loveable prankster. Columbina- The beautiful and intelligent female
who sorts out the problems. Lisa Simpson- the smartest young lady this side of Shelbyville. Capitano- The overly macho braggart, obsessed with impressing people. Troy McClure- Local movie star and ladies man.
"You may remember me from such theatrical genres as Commedia Dell'Arte" OR
Duff Man- the machismo mascot of Duff Beer. OR
Marge Simpson- The Mother and saviour of the Simpson family. 3 Horned Devil- The character who lurks in the background and is responsible for evil doings everywhere. The Devil- Has remained present in theater and film throughout history. Stock Characters... never go away. Zanni- the lowest of the low, the dumbest of the dumb. Might try to hatch schemes but they rarely work out. Homer Simpson- Head of the Simpson family. Not exactly smrt.
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