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Formal Science

No description

Brooke Tulppo

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Formal Science

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Formal Science
What is Statistics
Statistics is the most important science in he whole world: for upon it depends the practical application of every other science and of every art; the once science essential to all political and social administration, all education, all organisation based upon experience, for it only gives the results of our experience.
What does a person in this discipline study and do?
Computer science is the study of computers and computational systems. Unlike electrical and computer engineers, computer scientists deal mostly with software and software systems; this includes their theory, design, development, and application.
Why would society need the knowledge provided by a person who studies this discipline?
A person in this discipline studies numerical patterns

So that there knowledge could figure out how to use someones computer in a society that was made by a computer scientists. And he could discipline anyone that did not do everything right.
In what specific ways would a person in this discipline help a historian to understand the past and create historical accounts?
He would help him because he can tell him computers started out and what they have become and tell the historian what and who started the computers and when was the first computer scientist.
The society would need to know mathmatics so that the people could use it for measurmentsto build things like bridges and buildings.

“Like most animals, the dinosaurs had approximate bilateral symmetry. The trees and volcanoes had an approximate circular symmetry with random elements—seen from above, they look much the same when rotated around their axis. The same goes for the dinosaurs’ eggs.” This shows that this could help historians so that the could see if something has changed about the past and the future.

Historians could use the mathematics so that they would know if it was from the past based on the ways they were measured or built.
Someone in the field of statistics would help a historian understand the past by,for example, knowing the specific details of such as the ratios of the supplies that would enter a city each month.Also statistics could help make a histoical account because the statistics could give the account exactness.
Society would need the field of statistics,because without it everything we do would be put out to guessing in a society.For example,a city doesn't know how much food it brought in to give to homeless shelters.Then the city orders a random amount of food.It turns out to not be enough food for the shelters.That is what would happen to a society without statistics,things would slowly fall apart because the society would be mad from guesses and estimates,
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