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safe sex

No description

nathan wilson

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of safe sex

By Patrick Russell and Nathan Wilson Sexually transmitted infections STI'S are very common diseases of today. There are estimated 34 million people are living with HIV/AIDS, Thats just HIV/AIDS alone. Most of the people who are contracting STI's are 18 to 25 year's old. There are multiple STI'S such aS:
.crabs/pubic hair lice
.genital warts
.chancroid Gonorrhea: It does not just infect the reproductive system. It grows in warm moist places, such as The urinal tract in men. In women it grows in the reproductive tract. It can also grow in the eyes, the most common symptoms are burning pain when urinating in both men and women. In men their discharge might be ( white yellow or green in colour). In women painful intercourse as well as many other painful symptoms Hepatitis: There are multiple types A,B,C,D,E.The early symptoms are mild, they are chronic in nature. Most symptoms are flu-like and a constant feeling of tiredness. Jaundice and colored urine with light-colored bowel movements are common in this infection. Untreated hepatitis, especially the hepatitis B strain can cause permanent liver damage. Hepatitis can also be transmitted by tatooing or piercings. So can many other diseases. Teenage pregnancy is becoming more common because a couple might have sex but are not planning for a baby. Because they fail to use a condom they end up with the hard decision whether to keep the baby and try to manage with having one around. There is also the second option that they can have, which is an abortion which is not what many people do because they are either forced by their religion such as christianity that does not sanction abortion. Or they feel guilty for killing the baby. teenage pregnancy. When teenagers decide to keep the baby. lots of them don't have time around school and possibly work to take care of the child. So family members have to also take on the burden. with sexual behaviour there is a limit by law on what you can do. these laws are in place so that people are not violated and so people know the boudaries. The legal age to have sexual intercourse is 16. laws on sex This is a list on what is normal for people in adolescents.
sexually explicit conversations with peers
Obscenities and jokes within cultural porn
sexual innuendo, Flirting and courtship
solitary masturbation
mutual masturbation
monogamist intercourse These are the black flags of sexual behaviours which are illegal.
illegal behaviours defined by law
obscene phone calls, voyeurism, exhibitionism or frottage
sexual contact with significant age difference
forced sexual contact
sexual contact with animals
genital injury to others There are two other flag sections which we will be putting on our website As long as you stay in the normal flags there should not be any problems with your sexual life THE END THANKS FOR LISTENING HIV/AIDS: There are many ways you can contract HIV one of the most common is through sexual intercourse. Another is through the sharing of needles and contaminated blood transfusion. 20.6% of teenagers said that there partners don't like condoms. Protect Yourself The only real way to protect yourself from sexual diseases and pregnancy is condoms. For women the pill (birth control pill) this will not protect you from sexual diseases but it will stop you from getting pregnant from sexual intercourse. Another way to protect youself is not to have multiple sex partners and to have sex with people you know. http://www.sti.health.gov.au/internet/sti/publishing.nsf go to this website for more information on condoms and other ways to protect yourself from sexual diseases and pregnancy
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