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Troian Bellisario

No description

GV Computer

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Troian Bellisario

20 Facts about Troian Bellisario
by Abby Perry

Fact 1:
Troian is best known for her role on the ABC Family tv show, "Pretty Little Liars" as Spencer Hastings.
Fact 2:
Trioian's birthday is on October, 28th, 1985, making her 29 years old. (She plays a high schooler on tv haha)
Fact 3:
She was on two episodes of NCIS in 2005 and played a girl names Sarah McGee.
Fact 4:
She was nominated for 5 teen choice awards, and won 3.
Fact 5:
She won the award for Best Acting (Female Lead) at Vision Fest in 2010.
Fact 6:
She won the Best Actress award
in 2010 at FirstGlance Philadelphia
Fact 7:
She won the Cast to Watch award
in 2011 alongside Ashley Benson,
Shay Mitchel, and Lucy Hale at the Young Hollywood Awards.
Fact 8:
She also won the Best Performance by an Actress
award in 2013 at the New York Festivals.
Fact 9:
She is engaged to Patrick J. Adams
Fact 10:
She first started acting in the 1988 film
Last Rites at only 3 years old!
Fact 11:
Troian lives in Los Angeles, CA.
Fact 12:
She is 5'7"
Fact 13:
Her full name is Troian Avery Bellisario
Fact 14:
Her parents names are Donald P.
Bellisario and Deborah Pratt
Fact 15:
She has acted in 16 movies
Fact 16:
She has been on 7 tv shows
Fact 17:
And has been nominated for 10 awards
Fact 18:
And won 6 of them
Fact 19:
She has a younger brother, three half-sisters, two half-brothers, and two famous step brothers.
Fact 20:
If you want to know why her last name is so weird, Her father is of half Italian and half Serbian descent and her mother is African-American (mixed with English and French ancestry).
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