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Analysis of Continuum by Allen Curnow

No description

Athirah Ramlan

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Analysis of Continuum by Allen Curnow

Summary of content
Writer's block
Inspiration in nature
Nature and his surroundings
Inspiration and creativity
Frustration of Writer's block
Movement of space and time
Image by Tom Mooring
Literary devices
Analysis of Continuum by Allen Curnow
In closer detail:
“The moon rolls over the roof and falls behind/my house, and the moon does neither of these things,/I am talking about myself.”

“It’s not possible to get off to sleep or/the subject or the planet, nor to think thoughts.”

“Better barefoot”

“out the front/door”

“lean from the porch across the privets/and the palms” & “two particular/bright clouds “

“one’s mine/the other’s an adversary”

In closer detail:
“A long moment stretches, the next one is not/on time.”

“the chill of/the planking underfoot rises/in the throat”

“night sky empties/the whole of its contents down.”

“Turn on a bare/heel, close the door behind/on the author”

“cringing demiurge” & “picks up/his litter and his tools”

“paces me back to bed” & “stealthily in step”
In closer detail:
The title of the poem suggests that his inability to sleep arises from his writer's block that is stopping him from continuing his current poem.

- "Anything that goes through a gradual transition without any abrupt changes or discontinuity"
No particular rhyme scheme with 3 short stanzas each time
Effective use of enjambment to fully present the poem in the style of a 'stream of consciousness'
Written in a disorganised structure, which can be seen through the use of numerous caesurae and enjambment to present his current sleepless and frustrated state of mind.
Connections to other poems
Woodspurge - Dante Gabriel Rossetti
These two poems contrast each other in that they are completely different and opposite.

The Woodspurge to be able to look at the contrast in organisation in the form of the poem. As you can see, The Woodspurge is written with a clear rhyme scheme, clear paragraphing and overall very organized in the imagery conveyed, the direct opposite of what is happening in the Continuum.
Matthew's Poetry Analysis: Continuum - Allen Curnow
Personal reflection
: A Different History, The Cockroach, Summer Farm, Where I Come From

The natural world
: Pied Beauty, Horses, Hunting Snake, The Woodspurge, Summer Farm, Where I Come From, Upon Westminster Bridge
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