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No description

nick klaassen

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of project

my goals for this school year
going to pass
do my homework every day
don't forget my friends/spend time with my friends

a magic moment in your life
when my little brother was borned.
things you love
my family and my dog and my cat
i love to eat sushi
i love to hang out with my friends
i love to play soccer
i love to play games
something i want to remember
i want to remember that moment when i was roll over in the snow with my grandmother
the time when my grandmother was stil alife
i want to remember the time when my dog was a puppy
i want to remember the time when my parents were together
discribe a day in your life
saterday the 24th of October:
early in the morning i had to whistle the F1 vs F2 and the F12 vs F10 when i was done i went home and did a little homework. my mam and i wanted to buy a jacket online. when i was home i went to a birhtday of my niece an her friend.
your favourite dinner with the recipe
what is your favourite playstation game and why?
my favourite playstation game is gta5 thats a game of maffia with lots of shooting and racing. Its about having the best car of de game with color and big wheels and a spoiler on the back.
discribe your life online. what do you use?
i am more online with wats app and instagram but less with facebook , twitter and ask
what is somthing that you parents always nag you do ?
what my parants nag to do is that i clien up my room and that i help with the dishwasher and that i make my homework every day.
what are you good at and why do you think you are good at it?
i think that i very goot is on gta5. i think this becaus i play it much time and i won to my friends.
what do you need to improve and why is it importent that you improve it?
there are always things that you can improve but doing the best you can is more importent.
who are you friends? discribe how they looks like. why they are your friends?
i have much friends so i tell about my best friends that is Mike meuldijk he is my best friend i can laugh with him i can tell hem everything and he helps my when i have a down day hims hair is blond, he is smaller than i.my second best friend is nils vogelaar he is sitting on thamen and i know him from first school he have everything that mike allso have
what can the teacher helps me this school year?
the teacher can help me with the grammer explain in dutch that helps me so!
she can help me with goot pay attention on me that i pay attention on the les and that i don't play with my friends in the class.
project life made by nick klaassen
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