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Cedric Tai

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of BRIXELS for ART X DETROIT

Detroit is not a blank canvas. A generative art project for Art X Detroit by Cedric Tai

in conjunction with

The Kresge Foundation,
The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, and The University Cultural Center Association How can people make their own Brixels? Bricks that overlap each other
are called 'Running Bonds Patterns'. This project also references hand-made crafts,
like this Algerian textile. References: Razzle Dazzle Battleships Dazzle Battleships were created by Norman Wilkinson during WWI to confuse German U-boats by making it difficult to determing the ship's direction and speed and thus avoid being hit by the slow moving t0rpedoes of the time.

I philosophically enjoy
the idea of making
'Detroit' harder to peg
at least in terms of how
outsiders essentialize
what the city represents. 71 Garfield was completely gutted and refurbished, I created a studio/ charrette space that used the same colored tiles from other rooms and cut them to create a design that went along with a video showing me inserting the tile into the floor. It was about reminding everyone about the physical labor that is involved with making something appear new.

Aesthetically the brixel project is a
continuation of how I like to apply rigid structures to something that will be inevitably imperfect and have this mingle with organic elements to create a composition.
In this case the visitors and furniture add to the work. It is not a singular work of art,
but an idea. Brixel is a combination of the words: Brick Pixel and What is a
Brixel? It challenges different ideas
of how we see the buildings in Detroit.
It points to architecture and building blocks.
To me it also represents larger ideas and
it could even be useful in a way. Detroit has history, it is complex and diverse.
It also has more than its fair share of poorly thought-out grafitti. My project is about
activating walls. By playing with and against the elements around them. You could do this in
your own community! Past Projects
The Art Spot: This is an example of one of my past public work
projects. It was about activating the windows of vacant storefronts, and it was created in conjunction with many non-profits. It was a celebration of the businesses that had survived hard times and the creation of a new farmers market, recycling center and murals. All along East Warren Avenue. Past Projects:
Reflections on Rebuilding A studio for research One of the ways that people can get involved with my project includes coming to my open studio where one can find out more details about the project, give feedback, they can volunteer to paint, help choose walls, design their own 'Brixel' patterns!

It was made with the intention of being a 'Charrette', a place that "serves as a way of quickly generating a design solution while integrating the aptitudes and interests of a diverse group of people." Once a building has been solidified, I have plans to let people know what will be happening and get as much input and feedback as possible.


Flyering & Word of Mouth
Attending their specific Citizens District Councils
An open studio during the duration of Art X Detroit
An artist talk / panel discussions Past Projects:
My Paintings I like to make work
that has suggestions of patterns and systems of order. The brain tends to complete the puzzle.

I see relationships between the way materials naturally want to work and the ways that we can or can't control the outcome. It's a balancing act.

My work tends to be about making the best with what we have to work with. This piece for example was painted on a large clear piece of Plexiglas.
Now that's a blank canvas. - Wikipedia Press
Play. MakeBrixels.com Designed with the help of MakeBrixels.com MakeBrixels.com
is a tesselation generator
to help get you started. Created by Arts Corp Detroit
on the new Detroit Hostel
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