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prezi presentatio #2

pressentation 4 prezi

matthew Lamarsh

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of prezi presentatio #2

What two Sports To Play This year?
Parents said it's my choice Get suggestions from Friends hockey soccer football tenis lacrosse Find out the cost of each sport soccer- $370.00 hockey- $970.00 football- $410.00 tennis- $220.00 lacrosse- $640.00 Make a descision Soccer Hockey Register on time To add in words just double
click anywhere on the page
to add text. 1) To make the font bigger or
smaller just click on the text
and use the inner ring to fix, to
move the text click on it and use
first set of lines to mave the text
to another spot, and finally to put
the text on an angle just click the text
and use the outer rings to fix it. 2) 3) To add in pictures click insert,
load file, then choose what picture
you want to add in. 4) finish your project and put
a circle around it by clicking
Frame, then choose the shape
you want your text to be in. 5) Now before you present it
click on Path, and then add in the order you want your presentation to go in. 6) Finally present your Prezi and
your done.
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