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Social Impact of the Protestant Reformation

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hannah cosio

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Social Impact of the Protestant Reformation

Social Impact of the Protestant Reformation
The Family
Religious Practices and Popular Culture
Catholic Ideals vs. Protestant Ideals
John Calvin's Ideals
people should not marry until they observe celibacy
Women have a Divine Plan
Martin Luther's Ideals
argued that men used marriage to avoid breaking celibacy
Women have a divine plan
Humanism in Education
Humanism still taught
Protestant schools aimed toward a wider community
Learn to read the bible
Advocating education
Advocated to produce good Christians and pastors
All children need education-Luther
Public Schools vs. Private schools
Secondary school
Private school
Humanist emphasist
Still used today in Germany, for students planning to attend college
Genevan Academy
prepare Calvinist ministers
Secondary school
College level
New Ideas
Abolished indulgences, relics and saints, and clerical celibacy
Private Prayer
Sunday Worship
attempted to eliminate customary forms of education
Pagan Holidays
Belief in Luck
Puritans and Dutch Calvinists
Ban drinking in taverns
Ban dancing
Banned all night life
Tried to ban children from receiving small presents
English social life
Impossible to ban everything
Catholic Ideals
sacrament of Marriage
Celibacy-Most did not follow
Positive family relationship
Rule remains with husband
Role of women
Protestant Ideals
Eliminated holiness of celibacy
Family is center of human life
mutual love
Rule remains with husband
Role of Women
God punishes women for the sins of Eve
Men and women read bible at church together
puts stress on education for women
City council of Zwickau (1525)
Little improvement of role in society
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