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Concrete Poetry

UCD: Present!

Ian Smith

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Concrete Poetry

Interface for
Concrete Poems What is concrete Poetry? Research Sponsor: Prof Lori Emerson
Us: Alberto Aranda
Justin Lee
Ian Smith
Rob Stimpfling 9 participants for first stage of research
Included variety of ages, art experience levels, experience with typewriters.
Had participants explore features of typewriter and comment on their experience.
The four of us did autoethnography as well What we learned:
Using a typewriter is challenging, but not hard to learn how to do.
Error correction on a typewriter is very difficult.
The feedback from a typewriter (noise, tactile feedback, etc) is how users tell how they are doing.
Every participant said they would not want to use a typewriter for something like a term paper, but would like to use one for tasks like writing a personal letter or a poem. Prototyping We identified Exploration, Usability
and Error Correction as key aspects of
our design. We developed two prototypes simultaneously: a typewriter
simulation, and a concrete poetry interface. Eventually we combined the features of the two prototypes into one unified interface, which can be found at: Usability Testing:
7 participants
3 had used a typewriter before, 4 had not
Spent an average of 50 minutes using the prototype
3 Art majors
Very similar setup to initial research, but more in depth: had participants create concrete poetry with the prototype, which is very time-intensive.
Useful feedback on prototype, good suggestions and comments while they were testing. Features we may add by April 30:
Rotateable text (never mind)
Plain white paper background
Text Cursor

Meet Harper Van Persie Harper is a 26-year old journalism student and studies the confluence of media and technology. He wants to:
Experience how hard it is to use a typewriter and the frustrations that writers used to endure.
Be able to recreate the visual and physical experience of creating typewritten work.
Take advantage of the benefits of using a typewriting interface, such as being able to use it anywhere, print his work, take screenshots. http://ianhenrysmith.com/ucd On to the Demo...
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