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War of the Wall

No description

Anthony Mers

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of War of the Wall

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com
pg. 259

Reflect & Write
"Writing on Demand"
Analyze prompt:
Underline the
direction word
circle the
content/topic words
identify the
find evidence
write response
Imagine that an
has asked to
paint a scene
on the
outside of
your school building.

What questions would you ask
the artist in
order to make your decision.
Story element




Compare & Contrast
Identify a
a universal message about life or human nature conveyed in a story
What does the main character learn?
The main character seems angrier about ________ than he does the art...what does this suggest about a possible theme?
A Short story about the power of ONE

Should people ever be allowed to paint
pictures on walls in public places? Write a sentence stating your opinion...then give at least 1 reason to support your opinion.

is to tell how 2 things are alike
is to tell how 2 things are different
Again...what does the main character learn?
How do the characters' thoughts and actions stay the same/change throughout the story?
1. Pronounce
2. Rate
3. Explain
4. Discuss
5. Coach
6. Review
a group of people who live
in the same area...as seen here
in Waukegan with guest Abe


a feeling of admiration for
someone that makes you take
the person seriously as in having
respect for your elders.


the act of setting someone free
or of gaining freedom as in the
the feeling of liberation during
a school break


to plan or plot to do something
as in Stewie Griffin always has
a scheme to kill his mother.


to protect or stand up for someone or something as in Corey Crawford knows how to defend the Blackhawks


pictures drawn or words written on walls
or other surfaces in public places as in
some graffiti can be considered as art


a carved, engraved, or specially written message as
in The gravestone where my grandfather rests has an
inscription that reads, "Loving Husband, father and grandfather."


always enforced; firm as in Some parents can
be very strict by using harsh punishments for
any misbehavior.

many characters

many settings

complex plot with different storylines

Multiple themes possibly

few characters

few settings

ONE well-developed
story line

a CENTRAL theme
Theme Practice:

Good vs. Evil
Love conquers all
Triumph over adversity
Individual vs. society
The Battle
Death as a part of life
Loss of innocence
Man vs. himself
Man vs. nature
"How to Spell T-A-L-L"
"Some kind of Brave"
Compare & Contrast Practice:
Snail Mail vs. Email
Essay Building
"Big and Little, Black and White"
"An Underwater View"
Fill in the diagram based on one of the above articles
Compare and Contrast Essay
Choose a topic
Complete the diagram
Write the essay
The War of the Wall
"A wall can separate people. But it might bring them together, too."
Quick-write: How can a wall bring people together?
Fluency, Theme and Questioning
Work on changing volume, tone and speed to reflect those speaking
Compare and contrast the main characters thoughts/feelings in the beginning to the end of the short story
Ask questions of the text as you read along
Southerners, angry, loud
narrator feels that a stranger has
no right to paint the wall
Why does the narrator call the wall
"our wall?"
How might the narrator have
reacted if Mr. Eubanks was painting the wall?
Oral Cloze (pg. 262-263):
Alternate paragraphs (as whole class)
Continue to omit 3 key words
Listener writes 1 question
Both summarize
Unknown words
Idea Wave:
Based on what you have read so far, what do you think the painter lady will paint on the wall? Why?

What do you think the narrator needs to learn in order to discover the theme?
Questions on the right (pg. 263)
Oral Cloze continued (pg 264/265)
Same focus BUT think about the reasoning behind the introduction of "mama" and the restaurant scene...

...then answer the questions on the right.

Oral Cloze final (pg 266/267)
*Compare/contrast main character to discover THEME

Respond & React:
*If you could create a mural that represents your community, what would be in it?
Community Building Activity:
What s your name?
Are you named for a particular person or reason?
Do you like or dislike your name?
Where were you born?
What is important to you about your heritage?
What one thing would people be surprised to know about you?
What are you proud of?


know your exit route in advance

Walk quietly in the hall, return promptly
Be a model of safety and concern for others
Move at least 500 feet away from building with class
Assist others who need help; report safety concerns
Pre-Project Collaboration and Inquiry:
What is the MOST important challenge facing the United States today?
Your goal is to decide on your project topic using collaboration with clear group roles and rules!

Authors Perspective Packet
Review: (pg. 272/273)
Organize and Synthesize
How would the three main characters from our readings respond to the feelings of a xenophobic individual?
Compare and Evaluate
"Three Cups of Tea"
"The War of the Wall"
"It Only Takes a Smile"
Which person had the greatest impact and why?
Better communicator, Greg or Painter Lady?
How can one person make a difference? (use evidence from the 3 readings)
Review: (pg. 272/273)
Apply Word Knowledge
Finish it...
"I once dreamed up a scheme to...
Check it...
Which would you most like to accomplish one day?
Match them...
Complete it...
Challenge or summit?
Which sentence uses STRICT in the wrong way?
Correct meaning of honorable?
Meaning of...
Breathe. This is nothing for you. Well, actually it is everything. Your life will be tied to another in a matter of minutes. Am I sweating? Is it noticeable? What if they think nervous perspiration is a sign of doubt. I don't doubt it...but what if they do? Breathe. This is often called the happiest day of your life. Just smile and think of all the good times up to this point. Oh my God, there she is. Huh, I didn't even have to TRY to smile, she washed bliss over me like a cool summer breeze. Oh God don't cry...
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