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Navigating the Labyrinth of AP and IB

No description

ami friedman

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Navigating the Labyrinth of AP and IB

Options for Students
Excellent Teachers
Benefits of AP & IB
Getting Ready for AP & IB
How to Enroll
The Basics
college level courses taken in HS
grades 11 and 12
AP US History is available in grade 10
Western HS is authorized by IB to offer the Diploma Programme
AP & IB courses are available to
Walled Lake students
eligibility depends on course pre-requisites
potential to earn college credit by taking end of course exams
AP courses
IB courses
AP & IB courses
teachers submit their syllabus to either AP or IB (AP teachers must submit annually)
many of the IB teachers are also AP teachers
IB reviews implementation at authorized schools every 5-9 years to enure quality and consistency.
most go to

training at least once every five years (this training is mandatory for IB teachers)
just to name a few...
college experience
earn college credit
hone writing skills
strengthen college applications
Take some
honors classes
in 9th/10th grade.
(French 1, Spanish 1, or German 1)
For students who want to be an
IB Diploma Candidate

take a
second language before 9th grade
Plan backwards

from the courses you know you want to take.
Build good
study habits
in starting in elementary school.
Didn't take a second language before 9th grade but want an IB Diploma?

AP Courses and IB Courses
ensure pre-requisite courses have been taken
sign up for AP and IB courses during registration process
FULL IB Diploma
ensure pre-requisite courses have been taken
students meet with counselor to plan out diploma courses
students apply on-line
can start applying in middle school to secure spot
final deadline is Feb. 1 of 10th grade
Navigating the options of AP & IB
AP & IB Student Profile
More Information
AP and IB students are typically:
disciplined students
exhibit good time management
In addition, IB students typically enjoy:
discussing issues/topics and listening to others' ideas
exploring issues/topics from multiple perspectives
probing the "why" as well as the "what"
Advanced Placement
Resources & Information
International Baccalaureate Resources & Information

Walled Lake High School Program of Studies


annual meeting in November

District IB Newsletter

www.wlcsd.org (under the academics tab)

Walled Lake High School Program of Studies

annual meeting in November
deepen content knowledge

There are other pathways, but this one is ideal.
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