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the coolest prezi ever*

No description

kaylee halamicek

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of the coolest prezi ever*

SYSTEM BY: Ashley, Sloan & Bailey MERCURY *the smallest planet
*planet closest to the sun
*one Mercury day is equal to 88 Earth days
*temperatures range from -280 to 800f
*does not experience seasons like Earth VENUS *second planet from the sun
*named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty
*very hot and deadly
*known as Earths twin sister, for similarities EARTH *3rd planet from the sun
*densest planet
*it is the 5th largest planet
*only known planet with human life, or maybe any life at all. MARS *seventh largest planet
*known as the "red planet''
*named after Roman God of war
*has 2 known moons JUPITER *the largest planet in our solar system
*there are at least 60 moons, including the Galilean moons
*has a huge red spot thats a storm that has been raging for hundreds of years SATURN * Second largest planet About 4.5 million years 1,429,000,000 km from sun

120,500 km in diameter
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