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Copy of Flipkart

No description

zalim zamana

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Flipkart

Started by Sachin Bansal CEO, Co-Founder Binny Bansal COO, Co-Founder in 2007 Investment & Valuation Funding Rounds : 4 (till date) Major Funders : Accel Partners,
Tiger Global Management Current Valuation : $ 850 Million Subsidaries : Flipkart.com, Letsbuy.com,
Weread.com, mime360.com,
chakpak.com Human Capital 4500+ Employees 2500+ deployed on-field in operations & distribution Rankings & Popularity India Rank : 15 World Rank : 287 Source : Alexa.com Popularity : 0.338% of the total internet users of the world have visited flipkart.com Product Portfolio Supplier's Side Customer's Side Supply Chain Management of Flipkart.com Started with Books Now with movies, music, games, mobiles, cameras, computers, healthcare and personal products, home appliances and electronics, stationery, perfumes, toys – and still counting! Product Offerings Over 15 Million Products - Still Counting! Wide range of products 11.5 Million Book titles Payment Options with visit to transaction conversion rate of ~6% Started by Flipkart Started by Flipkart User Interface (UI) www.flipkart.com Easy to Navigate | Easy to search |
Easy to Compare | Easy to Order | Graphical | Non-Graphical Receipt Generation Order No. : OD20919120766 This contains all information i.e. Product Code, Date of Purchase, Reference No., Delivery Area Code etc. Helpful in easy tracking of order !! * This code is formed after applying filters and unique encryption techniques Order Tracking Order No. : OD20919120766 Customer Enters the Order No., and he gets real-time update of the shipment status. Flipkart Logistics Agency Customer After Sales Service 1. 30-DAY money back guarantee Unsatisfied Customer Calls/Connects with Flipkart customer service Return Order by Logistics partners Product Replaced or Money is returned in the account 2. e-Wallet feature Loyal Customer Deposits more money Use it for future purchases * flipkart adds new dimension to its operating cycle 3. Reporting & Analytics On the basis of your past behavioral purchase Schemes / Discounts / Offers / Recommendations are generated 4. Reviews UX Inventory Stocking Inventory Management System Warehouses stocking levels Frequency of orders of the product forcasting Threshold Product's Inventory Delivery Centers Distribution Frame 25 Warehouses Delivery & Logistics 60
Delivery Centers Customer Orders Checked in delivery center inventory Success! - Sent to Logistics Body Yes Checked in nearest Warehouse inventory Yes Ordered to the company or sometimes imported Customer is notified Underline aim is to reduce the time of delivery No No Yes Automatic inventory check via Inventory Management System in overall India Delivery Time = 1-2 days Delivery Time = 2-5 days Delivery Time = 6-15 days 7 Previously, Others converted from Delivery Center 35 Previously, Others newly formed Purchases & Procurement Customer Support Supply Chain Management Hybrid Structure Location of the product is identified Customer's Product Delivery Location Logistics Body is assigned Parameters = City, Locality, Type of product, Cost definition, inter-city agreement etc. Pricing & Margins Logistics Priority Automated Software sends information about the product delivery to these logistics body No. of Orders served daily > 30,000 Open Loop for VAS Flipkart Logistics is getting designed in such a way that, other e-commerce websites can outsource delivery to flipkart. Adding an extra source of income Inventory Levels Rare Ordered Products Direct procurement from companies Stocked in warehouses & delivery centers 1. Weekly
2. Monthly
3. One-time
4. Urgent Distributors of these companies delivers the products in respective flipkart's warehouse (as per requirements) 24x7 Customer Support 1800 425 3547 cs@flipkart.com Toll free phone : e-Mail : Delivery Cost = Free, if order > Rs. 300 else Rs. 30 extra. New Sale | Customer grievances | Other Info Open Loop for VAS Flipkart BPO is getting designed in such a way that, other e-commerce websites can outsource customer support to flipkart. Adding an extra source of income Credit Period = 14-30 Days
Credit Limit = Varies with products 8 - 35% On Sale price of Products Parameter = Brand, Category Margin, Premium margin, Volume, Cost of delivery, operating cost margin. High Margin Category Toys, Watches, Beauty & Healthcare, Luggage Mid Margin Category Books, TV, Home & Kitchen, Gaming, Belts, Bags Low Margin Category Mobiles & Cameras, Computer accessories Open Loop for VAS Flipkart pricing is getting designed in such a way that, other e-commerce websites can outsource delivery of several products through flipkart. Adding an extra source of income Open Loop for VAS Flipkart Distribution is getting designed in such a way that, flipkart can become official distributor of several company's products in future. Adding an extra source of income Back-end Front-end Compiled by
Kushal Agrawal | Eshan Mehra | Abhirat Khanna | Devika Gupta | Sampoorna Sarkar Mistakes Made Flipkart did a right thing in acquiring www.letsbuy.com But in spite of making them rivals of each other and increasing on sales, they integrated each other Strengths of letsbuy.com was in electronic products and they performed to be a top performer. They were able to make a big loyal customer base in a short time. Flipkart loose to loyal customer base of letsbuy and its competence appeal.
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