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Red Scare and McCartyism


Analia Quirk

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Red Scare and McCartyism

The Red Scares By Analia Quirk
Honors- Period 4 WHO Some people involved in the Red Scare were: "Big" Bill Haywood Haywood led one Union/Socialist group Eugene Debs Debs led one on the main Union/Socialist groups WHAT Nation-wide fear of: Communists Socialists Anarchists American Psyche Many people arrested and illegally searched Country involved: USA WHERE WHEN WHY HOW All over US was a nation-wide fear Everyone terrified at all parts of country First Red Scare:
Fueled by fear that communism, anarchism, and socialism might take over USA First Red Scare: Lasted from 1917-1920 Second Red Scare: Lasted approximately from 1947-1957
First Red Scare:
Reaction to the rise of communism, anarchism, and radicalism among Americans and European immigrants Anarchists bomb attacks worsened the American fear Second Red Scare: Everyone freaking out Paranoid about communists, anarchists, or socialists taking over Everyone was afraid a Bolshevik-style revolution would occur Second Red Scare: Increased fears of communism Afraid government might be infiltrated 1st Red Scare Began during WWI 2nd Red Scare After WWII Afraid America might go communist
Scared government might turn
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