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The Socioeconomic status of women in Curacao

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Transcript of The Socioeconomic status of women in Curacao

43 % of the households has a female head.
70% of the female heads of households
has very low or low education.
There is a rising unemployment rate among female heads from 9.1 to 12.6 %.
(relatively & absolute higher compared to the male heads)
61.4% of the unemployed are women and the figures show a growth
Approx. 30% of the working population earns less than NAF. 1.500,- a month,

The larger share consists of women

( READ : 19% of the total population)
Combine elements and create the layout you need
endless possibilities
Fact nr. 1
Fact nr. 2
Fact nr. 3
The share of women in the lowest wage scale is larger. (CBS 2013)
Given that ;
Lack of (encouraged) professional development of women is at a disadvantage of the overall performance and growth of the economy of Curacao .

30.1 % of all households in Curacao, has a head with very low or low education
# female job seekers increased with
The unemployment rate among women is
15.4 %

(4.5% more than 2011)
# job seekers in 2013 increased with 41.5 %.
The unemployment rate is 13.0 %
(9.8% increase compared to 2011)
# male job seekers increased with
35 %

The unemployment rate among men is
10.5 %

(2 % more than 2011)
The Socioeconomic status of women in Curacao
Socioeconomic status
(SES) is an economic and sociological combined
total measure
of a
person's work experience
and of an individual's or family's
economic and social position
in relation to others,
based on income, education, and occupation
Fact nr 4.
Women in Curaçao struggle more to maintain a life above the poverty line.

Households with a woman at the head is more likely to live below or at the poverty line.

35% versus 17% compared with a male head.
CBS 2013
Nevita Mezas
Owner The Business Connection BV
Founder Forwardfemales.com
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