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Degree studies in Tallinn Tech 2013/2014

No description

katre paavo

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Degree studies in Tallinn Tech 2013/2014

During one academic year students study full time only English language to prepare to continue studies in English.
English language level B 1.1

3500 Euros before May 1st 2013
4000 Euros before August 1st 2013
International Business Administration (BBA)
International Relations
Integrated Engineering - Tuition free!
Bachelor's studies
Following Master programs are TUITION FREE!
Cyber Security/digital Forensics
Computer and system Engineering
Communicative Electronics
Industrial Engineering and Management
Environmental Management and Cleaner Production
Materials and Processes of Sustainable Energetics
Health Care Technology
Design and Engineering
E-Governance Technologies and Services
Technology of Wood and Plastic
Master´s programs in English:

Work and Organizational Psychology
International Business Administration (MBA)
International Relations and European-Asian Studies
Finance and Economic Analysis
Law (LL.M.)
Law and Technology (LL.M.)
Technology Governance - Innovation Policy and Development Economics
STEP 1: Online application
STEP 2: Documents
Notarized/attested copy of these four documents:
Higher secondary education certificate/diploma of Bachelor's degree in the original language and translated to English.
Transcript of records/mark list of the higher secondary school/Bachelor's studies academic transcripts in the original language and translated to English.

In addition:
Examination certificate (when applying for Bachelor's studies)
Passport copy
1 passport size photo
Receipt of application fee
English test score report
STEP 3: Application fee
Bachelor`s applicants 100EUR
Master`s applicants 100EUR

International Money Transfer
Credit Card Payment via Fax

As soon as the university has received all documents we will send those for evaluation.
Non EU - May 1st

USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Guatemala, Israel, Mexico, Macedonia, South Korea, Russia - May 31st

EU, Turkey, Georgia - July 21st

Finland - August 21st
Degree studies in Tallinn Tech
Tallinn Tech
Tallinn Tech - TUT
Tallinn Tech international
degree studies
English preparatory course
Bachelor´s programs
Master´s programs
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