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Ancient Rome

No description

marc mustard

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Ancient Rome

what happen to the Colosseum
This is a picture of the town
after it was dug up
Ancient Rome was a small town on the Tiber river. After 450 years Rome became an empire of Julius Caesar's, rise and fall the first century of B.C.
Air travel
It take 6,085mi
so in total the price would be $5,956
in the ancient Rome they spoke Latin and Greek.
In the Rome they grow mustard,celery,radish,cucumber, lettuce.
Where the place you get supplies
I will get my supplies at market.
What will you see in Ancient Rome
Where will you live at in Ancient Rome.
I want to sleep in a nice with painted colors with a spa, but in a ancient time you have live in a farm or house and apartment building or insulae.
This a apartment building
Mt. Vesuvius
instruments they played
This Colosseum,Roman Forum, Capitoline hill, Baths of Diocletian, Via Apia Attica and catacomb, pantheon, Palatine Hill, Piazza Havana, Roman Houses.
Ancient Rome
500,000 people lost their lives and over a million wild animals were killed
Last fight took place in 435 AD
Festivals would last 100 days
Boat battles were held in there
9 years to build using 60,000 jewish slaves
People who lived in Herculaneum
where thought to be rich. There were
20,000 people that lived in
Herculaneum. When the volcano erupted
it got to over (500 degrees c) in burred the people in ash.
It is the most known volcano
Citizens did not know it was a volcano
Citizens did attempt to rebuild the city
people were buried alive
Some were turned to stone
These are the people that
They played many instruments
They harp was played to please
the gods. The warren cup was
played at the Colosseum
How people go around places is walk or people are rich they could afford a chariot.
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