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Scotish Immiagration To Canada

No description

Tara Henderson

on 18 June 2018

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Transcript of Scotish Immiagration To Canada

Scotish Immiagration To Canada
Hello my name is Jakeb I'm 10 years old and I will be doing my prezi on Scottish immigration because I'm Scottish.
Scottish Canadians
Scottish canadians are people who immigrated to Canada because of jobs wars death and sadly slavery but now Scotland is a great place to live there are no wars or slavery anymore because that was a vary long time ago.
Little Information About Me
As you all know exept for ms.Hampton my grandma new that we owned a castle in scotland and you also know the story about the girl who taked care of that castle it wasent a plesent story but i will tell it again so ms.Hampton chould know to their was a woman taking care of that castle for a long time until it got sieged the people who sieged it thew out the woman and she died and some years later the people sieged the castle saw the ghost of the woman and woman possesd all the people who sieged the castle and now it is popular for weddings and it is a resturant.
1783 was the day Scottish immigration started. That day one person thought of the word slavery and then all the citizens went into hiding. Because they heard a big announcement saying that they can be bought to be slaves for the rest of their lives. Unless they some how escape from their town and not get killed by the army and their owner witch was nearly impossible once again unless they some how got hold of someone in their family or a trusted friend like a really trusted friend.
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