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Chapter 13 Culture: Roman Roads

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Pete Caccavale

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 13 Culture: Roman Roads

Chapter 13 Culture: Roman Roads
The Appian Way
Roman Roads
How did the Romans build their roads?
Quick Facts
Over 29 highways extended out from the city of Rome
The Romans built over 250,000 miles of roads throughout the Empire
Many modern roads are either still using the Roman ones, or have built on top of them
Rest stations were built across the roads with provisions and fresh horses. This allowed a messenger to travel over 500 miles in 24 hours!
Roman Roads were lined with milestones marking distances to major cities
Many roads were built by slaves, but Roman soldiers also built a lot of them!
Map of Roman Roads
The Appian Way
Named after its creator, Appius Claudius Caecus, a Roman censor who built the first sections during the Samnite Wars in 312 BCE
Famous location of the crucifixion of Spartacus' rebel slave army (over 6,000 slaves crucified over a 120 mile stretch from Rome to Capua)...
The Appian Way Today
What are the main benefits of the Roman road system?
Cultural Expansion
Military movement
Information moves faster
Helped expand the Empire
Helped maintain control of the Empire
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