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West Chester PA

History Project

JD Triolo

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of West Chester PA

Hometown: West Chester, PA
West Chester, PA: Early Stages
Name Origin
Historic Maps of West Chester
Famous/Important People
of West Chester - Past
West Chester General Facts

JD Triolo
Tommy Ludin
After the Revolutionary War, many Chester County citizens complained about the long trip to the county seat in Chester.
In 1784, the decision was made to build a courthouse and jail at the crossroads known as Turk's Head.
In spite of an act to suspend the construction in 1785, the building continued.
Under the leadership of Major John Harper, citizens known as "removalists" marched to Turk's Head to destroy the courthouse.

A Virtual Tour of West Chester
Present Day Maps of West Chester
Before the American Revolution a tavern was licensed in Goshen Township and given the name "Turk's Head." Turk's Head is most famous for a small battle that nearly happened there in 1785.
This small battle never happened, both sides decided to lay down their arms, and instead gathered at the Inn to celebrate.
As a result, the courthouse and jail were completed in September, 1786.
"West Chester" became the name of this new county seat, and the county town flourished around the new courthouse "west" of Chester.
William Darlington
Charles "Charley" King
Charley King was a 12 year old drummer boy from West Chester, PA.
When the Civil War broke out he begged his father to let him go to war. The general said he would be kept safe.
During the battle on Sept. 17, 1862 - The Battle of Antietam - Charley was shot. He died of his wounds 3 days later, and became the youngest solider of either army to die during the Civil War.
Famous/Important People
of West Chester - Present
Carolyn Comitta
Current Mayor of West Chester
Mayor Comitta served as a West Chester Borough Council Member from 2006 to 2009.
Comitta has also been on the Borough Council Public Safety Committee and the Planning Zoning Board.
She worked as a school teacher in the Octorara Area School District.
She also serves on the Dean's Advisory Board of West Chester University College of Visual and Performaning Arts.
She lives near Everhardt Park with her husband Tom and a son and daughter.
Philip Jamison is a famous painter who grew up in West Chester. He was born in 1925 and is still alive today.
He graduated from the Philadelphia Museum School of Art in 1950.
Mr. Jamison has been widely exhibited at many museums and galleries including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
He has paintings in collections at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Delaware Art Museum and the National Air and Space Museum. (the picture of Mr. Jamison is him painting the space shuttle)
Fun fact - Philip Jamison is JD's uncle through marriage!
Points of Interest/Historical Sites
West Chester Railroad 1831
160 years ago the businessmen and community leaders of West Chester chartered the "West Chester Railroad Company."
In 1831 it become one of the nation's earliest railroads.
For the next 89 years, the Market Street Station was West Chester's gateway to the world.
At it's height, the PA Railroad operated 24 passenger trains to West Chester each day.
Chester County Prison 1838
In 1838 a new County Prision was erected at the northeast corner of New and Market Sts.
One of the keepers of the prison under the new system was Benjamin F. Haines (1854-1874). (Fun fact - he is JD's great grandfather on his mother's side)
In the old prison the sheriff had a license to sell liquor, and the prisoners frequently bought liquor from him!!
The current location of the Chester County Prison was built in 1959 and was renovated in 1983.
Chester County Courthouse 1846
West Chester's Public Fountain 1869
William Darlington was born on April 28, 1782 near Dilworthtown in Birmingham Township.
In 1800 at the age of 18 he began studying to become a doctor.
He spent 2 years at the Medical College of the University of Pennsylvania and started a medical practice at age 22.
In West Chester he helped organize West Chester Academy in 1811.
In 1815 he helped organize the first public library in West Chester.
However, Darlington was most famous for his contribution to the study of botany (the science or study of plants.)

In 1846 the cornerstone for the new Courthouse, designed by Thomas U. Walter, was laid as construction began to replace the old courthouse of 1786.
The courthouse was completed in late 1847, with the total cost of the project reaching $55,345.98.
It became one of Walter's greatest architectural acheivements, and is one of West Chester's iconic structures still in use today.
On Sept. 7, 2008 the new Justice Center opened on 201 West Market St.
In 1869 the public drinking fountain was set up in front of the courthouse that provided water for people, horses and dogs from separate drinking bowls.
The Pennsylvania State Bird is the
Ruffed Grouse

Some other wildlife in West Chester include:
The present population of the burough of West Chester is approximately 18,500.
West Chester is governed by the "Town Council" form of government. There are 7 council members representing each voting ward.
Elevation - 344 ft.
Latitude - 39.980ºN
Topography of West Chester
Government in West Chester
Annual Parades in the Burough of West Chester
Halloween Parade
Old Fashioned Christmas Parade
Annual Eating/Cooking Events in West Chester
Swinging Summer Thursdays
Restaurant Festival
Chili Cookoff
First Friday's
Super Sunday
Businesses and Local Stores in West Chester
Taylor Music Store ~ 1938
The Woolworth's Building ~ Present Day Iron Hill Brewery
Post Office ~ January 1, 1804
The Hotel Warner ~ First hotel to open in downtown West Chester for over 100 years.
Photos of Tommy and JD's House
JD's House
Tommy's House
Surrounding Areas of JD and Tommy's House
Surrounding Area of Tommy's House
Surrounding Area
of JD's House
Maps of Tommy and JD's Neighborhood
JD's Neighborhood
Tommy's Neighborhood
JD and Tommy's Route to Malvern Prep
JD's Route to Malvern Prep
Tommy's Route to Malvern Prep
Logo of West Chester
Thanks for visting West Chester with us.

From: Tommy and JD
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