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Ceramics Introduction

Introduction to the tools and processes used to create with clay

Art Teacher

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Ceramics Introduction

Cutting and Shaping
Wood Tools
Used for smoothing and shaping the clay
Used to carve and cut the clay. Work well in softer clay, but can leave rough edges if attempting detail
Ribbon Tools
Used for carving the clay, better suited to cutting dry clay than the loop tools. Great for final trimming
Fettling Knife
General cutting and shaping tool. Cuts soft or hard clay, often used as a spatula as well.
Razor knives
Used for very precise trimming, best suited for harder clay
Pin Tools
Used to cut, trim. aerate, and poke holes in wet or leather hard clay
Used for smoothing the surface of the clay. Very useful when throwing on the wheel.
Wire Tool
Used for cutting soft clay, typically on objects larger than the fettling knife blade. Not very precise
Cookie Cutters
Used to stamp out shapes, letters, numbers, etc. from soft clay
Trace these with a pin tool or knife to cut your slab of clay to a preset size. NEVER do this cutting on the wedging table or slab roller
Surface treatment
Glazing and Painting
Used to smooth the surface of the clay. Works best on dryer clay (wet clay sticks to it)
Small extruder
Fill with soft clay and push on the plunger to squeeze out small ribbons of clay to add as texture on the surface of your project.
Loop Tools
Texture Rollers
Used to imprint textures on soft clay
Stages of drying
Bone Dry
Leather Hard
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