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why we should have phones in schools

No description

laura dowdy

on 26 January 2017

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Transcript of why we should have phones in schools

All video games should be non-gore nonviolence no weapons no intense language and no references. If you are caught on a game with any of these on the game, you will lose the privilege for 3 weeks
Phones should be allowed during silent reading. There is a catch they have to keep it silent not a peep. Ether they have headphones or just no sound. That way if you are reading you can concentrate on reading.
Work Experience
Why We Should Have Phones In Schools
We need technology to help
Students learn by the internet so then they can learn different/new things. Without using a calculator.
plus the teachers finally can get get to be quiet
If we have phones research shows that students do Students likely have these same needs as adults: to get online and find what they need.
heres a image of what im talking about
(old lady voice)
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