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English Seminar Presentation

No description

Kaylee Tang

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of English Seminar Presentation

The Englishman Stage #1 Stage #2 STAGE # 3 Start Melchizedek The Alchemist Santiago reaches the pyramids, but the treasure is not there.
Santiago reaches the treasure and takes it
He begins to head back to the oasis to meet his love Fatima. The Alchemist A Monomyth Santiago is separated from his sheep
He is literally separated from his old life when he leaves for Egypt The Crystal Merchant The Alchemist taught Santiago to understand the soul of the world
Accompanies Santiago on part of his journey
Gave hope to Santiago and motivated him. Santiago's money is stolen and he is forced to work for the crystal merchant
He joins the caravan
On his way to the pyramids he is stopped by the tribal chieftain Santiago's father Santiago's father gave him permission to leave his planned lifestyle
Santiago was free to become a shepherd and roam about the Andalusion countryside
Santiago's father gave him a few gold coins to help him get started with his new life. King of Salem
Advises Santiago to go on a journey to fulfill his personal legend
Gives him urim and thummim Struggle/Initiation Separation The Caravan Leader Fatima Gives Santiago the freedom to finish his journey
Motivates him to follow his heart and believe in himself
She loves him more than anyone else does. The Tribal Chieftain While traveling with the Caravan Leader, Santiago learns the language of the world
Tells Santiago about his life, and explains that materialistic possessions do not make someone rich Forced Santiago to turn himself into the wind
Helps him understand the universe and the soul of the world
Threatens him, which causes him to try harder. Let's play a game QUESTION 1 Why did Fatima let Santiago go and find his treasure, instead of insisting on him staying with her? Question 2 What type of metal did the alchemist turn to gold, to show Santiago? Question 3 What is the name of the king who starts Santiago on his journey? Question 4 Question 5 What are the names of the two stones Santiago receives from Melchizedek? Question 6 What does Santiago's father give him at the beginning of the story? Question 7 What kind of lifestyle did Santiago's father want for him originally? THANKS FOR PLAYING! Question 8 How does Santiago begin working for the crystal merchant? Question 9 What is the personal legend of the Englishman? Question 10 When does Santiago begin to learn the Language of the World? Where is Santiago headed after he finds his treasure? Return/Reinitiation
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