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Water Pollution in Earth

Water Pollution

Rafael Lopez

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of Water Pollution in Earth

Water Pollution in Earth what is water pollution? -
water pollution is the contamination of the water and It's either caused by the effect of humans or by natural disasters, but a large percent of it is being caused by the effects of careless humans that dont care about the future of our planet earth so something must be done to stop it.

what causes water pollution in earth?

by human effects-
oil spills
marine dumping
nuclear waste
ammonia which is found in cleaning products such as windex
diesel fuel
acid rain
other chemicals
by nature-
tsunamis and other natural disasters but what they take in to the water is the things that we produce.
in this information you can see that the major blame to water pollution is to humans that need to learn that water is not to be dirtied because there's going to be a bad effect and it might be too late to fix it by that time.

what are some solutions and how to prevent water pollution?
water purifiers
improvement on the sewage treatment
making laws preventing the disposal of wastes and chemicals into the rivers, lakes, and oceans
stop littering in the water
stop chemical disposal
dispose waste properly
there is a few solutions to water pollution but that doesn't mean its right to pollute the water we drink because those few solutions in the future might not be enough to clean the water we drink.
what things does water polloution dirty, harm, destroy and even kill in the water of earth?

It dirties-

rivers which includes the water we drink
animals that live around or within the water

it harms, destroys and even kills-

it destroys habitats for the animals such as coral reefs that are in peril right now because of the chemicals dropped on top of them
it harms and kills the animals that live around or within the water such as birds that get stuck in the oil or fishes, whales, sharks, dolphins, and plants that live within the water and get stuck in the thrash we throw into the water
water pollution can kill the fishes in the contaminated water because since fishes have to drink water they will drink that water and will take in all the chemicals that can kill them
it also kills people that are poor or live in the rural area and drink the dirtied water without knowing because the companies that dump the chemicals in the drinking water do not tell the people living around the area

What can happen to the animals and there habitats within the water if the water pollution gets worser?

the animals that are endangered can go extinct, such as whales and other fishes that aren't endangered can go endangered and most of the habitats will be destroyed which leads to competition and this can also cause for animals never discovered to go extinct and will remain undiscovered. throgh this you can see that water pollution is a problem and that it needs to be fixed before many animals go extinct or endangered and if you dont care about animal, then you should care about the poor people that die because they had to drink the contaminated water. Coral reefs in peril. -
this is one of the biggest problem with water pollution. the reason why is because coral reefs are one of the largest habitats for a lot of different species of fishes and aquatic plants. a large percent of these coral reefs have been damaged or destroyed by global warimg which includes water pollution and they bleach and if they get damged it takes many years for the coral reef to recover or they just die.the problem with them getting destroyed is that a quarter of the world's fishes live in them and if the coral reefs get destroyed those same species can go extinct or endangered because of competition for habitat and food. the other problem with them getting destroyed is that they act as barriers for the islands so there wont be erosion or storm damage on the shorelines. this means if these habitats get destroyed not only will many animals die but people living along the coastline will receive damage from the waves. this means the people should also care about these coral reefs because without them it can turn into a disaster. this picture is an exmple of a healthy Coral reef with a diverse number of different species of fishes. this picture is an example of a dead coral reef that died because of the effect of an oil spill and as you can see all of its inhabitants have either died or left to find another habitat except for one brittle starfish. what can you do to help?
you can join organizations that help stop water pollution such as -

wwf - world wildlife fund
Wilderness Society
Sierra Club
Stop Global Warming
Earth 911
Friends of the Earth
all of these organizations are focused on protecting our world and you can either help by going on trips to clean the contaminated water organized by those organizations or donate money to support them.

name of day that helps support the stopping of water pollution-

EArth day

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something must be done to fix one of the biggest problem in earth because water pollution isn't a game to be playing around with its a problem that needs to be fixed right now because if it isn't fixed it's going to cost the lifes of many fishes, plants and even humans and some ocean life can also even go extinct. it isn't just ocean water that is getting polluted, our drinking water is also getting contaminated which includes rivers and lakes. there might be people that don't care but they need to because if it isn't fixed it's going to be costly. the goverment needs to pass laws making it illegal to dump chemicals and thrash into the water and the people need to help clean water and help stop oil spills. something needs to be done now, not tommorow! Current water pollution-

The Bp oil spill that was the worst oil spill for the u.s.
the japan earthquake and tsunami that took in a lot of manufactured good such as cars into the ocean and it also damaged a coral along japan.
wastes, chemicals, and trash are still being throw into the rivers, lakes, and oceans.
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