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Design of Experiments

Humberto Sosa

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of DOE

2n Factorial Design - 30% Experimentation
& Results - 15% Statistical Analysis - 30% The
15% Hypothesis Test for each variable or interaction - 20%
Practical conclusions (Text) - 20% The Product Statistics Sum of square formula for each variable or interaction - 15%
ANOVA Table - 30%
Graphs (Main & Interaction Effects) - 15% Design of Variable Definition - 20%
Full Factorial Desing (at least one
repetition and three levels per factor) - 30%
Procedure - 20%
Process Mapping - 30% Protocol Describe experimentation (use pictures) - 60%
Register results - 40% Experimentation &
Results Experiments Resources Do the 2n Factorial Design
Protocol - 20%
Do the pareto graph - 20%
Define the variable to work with and justify practical and statistically - 10% 2n Factorial Design Conclusions Optimization Define equation of the process - 30%
Determine operation process for requested y - 20% Format and Duedate - 10% Duedate - December 6th
Professional Format
Word or PDF
No low quality pictures
Be descriptive by using introduction and conclusions for each part.
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