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10 things about me

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of 10 things about me

10 things about me
my faverite game is minecraft
i love my family
league of legends is a vary fun game i love it it is the best i almost play is every day my favorit caricter is vel,koz. but thar is over 500 caricters.
I play this game with my frindes its fun and my frindes love it and i love it
i love my family and thay love me i play with my brother and sister my mom is awesome and my dad is amazing i love my family so much
starcraft 2 is a fun game i love it is a war game thar is three races zurg, protoss and tarrin it is an awesome game
by Traeden Coleman
I have a snake a red iquna 2 dogs 1 cat and 2 rabbits. my iquna name is red my snakes name is fluffy. my boil dogs name is aiby my german sheperd name is sasha
i hate cigarettes
my dad smokes he is going to quit i wish that cigarettes were never made
i hate tomatoes
i think that tomatoes are disgusting in my opinion i just dont like them. but i like pizza dont juge.
i dont like ants
i dont like ants cuse thar is so many ants and thay bit you.
i hate being cold
the winter is fun untell you get hypothermia and thats cold
I hate mushrooms
Thay are vary descusting i hate mushrooms thay suck thay are nastey yeck
In conclution
Is one of the best games i ever played it is just so fun when you its awesome i love league of legends
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