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Michigan's Wildflowers

This presentation shows information about Michigan's wildflowers and small facts about each of them.

Danielle Garrison

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Michigan's Wildflowers

Michigan's Wildflowers Agrimony
yellow in color
small petals Anemone, Rue
white in color
yellow stamen Beardtongue, White
5 white petals
little purple lines coming up from the center
Bellflower, Creeping
6 purple petals
the opening of the flower points downwards
Blue-Eyed Mary
two light blue leaves on top and
two dark blue leaves on the bottom.
Coralroot, Yellow Early Spotted
4 leafs, top 3 yellow, bottom one white
yellow stem Downy Phlox
5 petals
petals are a light purple color Forget-Me-Not, True
Light blue petals
yellow center Grass-of-Parnassus
Cream colored petals with green veins running through
5 uniform petals Knapweed, Spotted
multiple long skinny purple petals Lily, Michigan
6 bright orange petals with black spots
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