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E-Safety Presentation to Parents


Gareth Green

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of E-Safety Presentation to Parents

St. Michael's
E-Safety Presentation
'Making Children
Safe in a Digital
We hear the worst of what the Internet has
to offer -
Pornography, cyberbullying,
copyright theft, sexting, suicide.
Pornography is nothing new and children are naturally curious.
However, it is now easier to access and
extremities are easier to find.
Did you know...
One THIRD of all Internet searches are
specifically for pornography.
It is estimated that 80% of all images on the Internet are of naked women.
Bullying has always been a problem.
Cyberbullying makes it difficult for the
victim to escape their bullies.
There are also more opportunities for bystanders.

The Cyberbully always leaves a digital trace.
Important for children who feel they are victims to
keep offending messages / posts so that the
relevant authorities can deal with it.
Research has shown children are more likely to
confide in peers than adults. Good channels
of communication are therefore required.
What about the good the Online world brings?
- Endless learning opportunities
- Ability to interact live with
people across the world
- Entertainment
- Information
at our
So what are St. Michael's doing?
- Annual signing of Acceptable Usage Policy
- Annual e-safety discussions / updates
- Assemblies
- Controls and locks in place
- Monitoring system
- constant
What can be done at home?
- Implementing Parental Controls
- Monitoring usage
- Discussing e-safety and sensible usage
- Consider sensible, safe environments within the home where children can access the Internet
- Monitoring games and music purchases
Thank you for watching
Do you have
any questions?
'The times they are a changin'

Our children are Digital Natives -
They have no distinction between
online and offline
There is now no need for a multitude
of devices - Phone, camera,
TV, MP3 player,
Radio, News, Social Media all
in a device that
fits in the
palm of their
Gareth Green 2012
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