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One Hundred Years of Solitude

Dania Taha

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of COLOR IMAGERY

The color yellow is present throughout the novel and is associated with multiple characters and objects. In most cases it is associated with death or a symbol indicating the impending dangers of change.

Purple and White
The colors purple and white relate to purity and religion as well as royalty. The character most like this is Fernanda. Her conservative nature and obsession with being a Queen support this.

"..at that moment she smelled once more the odor of shoe polish on the boots of the officer who came to get her at her house to make her a queen, and her soul brightened with the nostalgia of her lost dreams."(Pg.363)
From birth until death, Fernanda exhibits a longing to be queen. This desire is fulfilled on her deathbed.
This color represents the political conflicts that are present in Macondo. The blue associates with the conservatives, imposing barriers on the rather liberal inhabitants.
The color pink represents the love of young girls in the book. It is obsessive and leads a lasting impression on the characters. We mainly see this with Rebeca and Amaranta. Love drives them to a new form of madness.
By: Samantha Michon, Alexandra Porter, and Dania Taha
"A short time later, when the carpenter was taking measurements for the coffin, through the window they saw a light rain of tiny yellow flowers falling." (Pg.140)
The death of Jose Arcadio Buendia causes flowers to falling, signaling the end of his tortured solitude.
"Meme was waiting for him, naked and trembling with love among the scorpions and butterflies as she done almost every night for the past few months." (Pg.291)

The changes the Banana Company brings is also linked to Meme's transformation from girl to woman when her relationships develops with Mauricio Babilonia. Butterflies are present in the Buendia household until Mauricio's death.
The innocent yellow train that was to bring so many ambiguities and certainties, so many pleasant and unpleasant moments, so many changes calamities, and feelings of nostalgia to Macondo. "(Pg.222)
The yellow train that signals the arrival of the Banana Company indicates a change in Macondo from agricultural to industrial.
"Fernanda carried a delicate calendar with small golden keys on which her spiritual adviser had marked in purple ink the dates of venereal abstinence."(Pg.208)
The color of the ink highlights the fact that Fernanda is raised conservative neighborhood. This would explain her actions toward Meme's adultery.
"Not counting Holy Week, Sundays, holy days of obligation, first Fridays, retreats, sacrifices, and cyclical impediments, her effective year was reduced to forty two days that were spread throughout a web of purple crosses."(Pg.209)
Religion is tied in with purple, Fernanda's life revolves around Christian ceremonies and obligations.
"His first order was for all the houses to be painted blue in celebration of the anniversary of national independence."(Pg.55)
The arrival of Don Apolinar Moscote and the decree of paint color establishes the beginning of political turmoil and war between the conservatives and liberals.
"I'm doing this," he said, "because I would rather carry you around alive and not have to keep carrying you around dead for the rest of my life."(Pg.57)
"She was unable, after prolonged and insidious interrogations, to ascertain the causes of Amaranta's prostration. Finally, in another moment of inspiration, she forced the lock on the trunk and found the letters tied with a pink ribbon, swollen with fresh lilies and still wet with tears, addressed and never sent to Pietro Crespi.(Pg.68)

The color black symbolizes a special form of solitude. This applies greatly to the character of Amaranta, where black consumes her eventually. Ironically, it indicates her virginity as well as her eminent death.
"Ursula, scandalized, forced the lock on her trunk and found at the bottom, tied together with pink ribbons, the sixteen perfumed letters and the skeletons of leaves and petals preserved in old books and the dried butterflies that turned to powder at touch."(Pg.66)
"The only external trace that the tragedy left was the bandage of black gauze that she put on her burned hand and that she wore until her death."(Pg.110)
"Pietro Crespi would tiptoe in at dusk, with a black ribbon on his hat, and he would pay a silent visit to Rebeca, who seemed to be bleeding to death inside the black dress with sleeves down to her wrists." (Pg.88)
"She was ashamed of the blush that covered her cheeks on the day her nephew asked how long she intended wearing the black bandage on her hand, for she interpreted it as an illusion to her virginity."(Pg.147)
AP Prompt
In Gabriel Garcia Marquez's novel
One Hundred Years of Solitude
, color imagery is infused throughout the novel as a tool for plot development. Write a well organized essay in which you analyze how color embodies an emotion, deeper meaning, or character and how it contributes to the work as a whole. Do not merely summarize the plot.
This color is associated with death and disease. Green is often connected with physical ailments. The characters most linked with this would be Remedios and her untimely death as well as Melquiades and his mossy attributes.
"Remedios, only nine, a pretty little girl with lily colored skin and green eyes."(Pg.57)
"Little Remedios had woken up in the middle of the night soaked in a hot broth which had exploded in her insides with a kind of bearing belch, poisoned by her own blood." (Pg.86)
"She vomited up a green liquid with dead leeches in it."(Pg.91)
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