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on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of math/reading

what standards will you continue to work on
is adding and subtraking fractions and md-measuremrent&date,and mostly ixl and my study links so i can be ready for 5th grade.
what was your favorite part of 4th grade to work on is prezi, math may ham,feild trip like the zoo and the bike to buff lack and sleep over!!!!!!!!!!
in book club i read the following boks
tall of 4th grade nothing
4th grade rats
choclate touch
what have you improved on/learned more about in math
I learned more math and problems and one thing i improved on is finding fators of 7 or 28.then one more thing that i improved on is prime numbers.
after that i am really good at doing line segments and rays,draw reflections.
step 1
by welton lamar harris lll (trey)

what is one study habit that you need to improve on or continue to be successful in 5th grade doing volume and perimert,ixl
my favorite was
being in mrs.culver and mrs.grant because they both are nice and carring to every studentand they are fun to play and laght with. my read aloud book is the watson go to bimmirham.
my favorite book club book is holes becase when stanley was going to camp green lake and i remember when i went to camp hero
i think i've grown as a reader in the following ways
like going with mrs h and mrs culver and they help me so much that my grown so far

as a reader this summer i will read 5 or
more books a week then i will go on with my summer
i fell that i am a better writer now becoase my teacher helps me work on my had writing and every sub that mrs culver have always say i got nice hand writing.
as a writer this summer i will write books songs with jj and my other cuzions
pp 37.5%

p 53.1%
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