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No description

Omar Rifaat

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Rimal

Internationally recognized as a unique accessory line with Arabian
flair, Rimal® products and exclusive designs are inspired by Arab
stories across space and time; swirling calligraphy from Andalusia’s
Al Hambra mosque, old but heavily bejewelled Bedouin women,
melancholic Arabic poetry of love.
Every design has a story behind it.
Every piece and every drawing tells something about Egypt and the islamic world. In terms of choice of :
Every design has a story behind it.
Every piece and every drawing tells something about Egypt and the islamic world. In terms of choice of :
wordings Founded in 2006 by Reem Mansour. Rimal tries to capture the colourful but imperfect mosaic that is today’s Arabia, complete with history, art and romance. Rimal’s ranges can be found in reputable boutiques in Egypt such
as Beymen (Four Seasons, Nile Plaza), Mounaya Gallery, Amuse Concept Store and internationally in Mazagy Geneva and Bloomingdales' Dubai. It also caters to select corporate clients. Rimal has exhibited in several fares and is already a regular feature at the Paris Maison et Objet Exposition. Maison et Objet is considered one of the world’s most prestigious home decoration fares. Egypt's biggest furniture and handicrafts exposition held anually 20+ Egypt Design, a cooperation between Italy and Egypt to showcase Egypt's finest designs in the breathtaking old Islamic Cairo Ensuring authenticity, Rimal relies considerably on Egyptian craftsmen, entailing extensive hours of work, dedication and perseverance in creating every piece of every set. EGYPTIAN CRAFTSMEN Rimal has always thrived to work hard and develop the work of our Egyptian craftsmen. FARES & EXPOSITIONS WHERE TO FIND US Rimal’s collections are tailor-made to satisfy the exquisite taste and imagination of fine taste appreciators. Rimal's Loyal Client, Princess Jawaher Bent Abdul Aziz Founder of Al Mansouria Foundation that supports creativity in KSA and Islamic art pieces collector.
Princess Jawaher is known for her exquisite and impeccable taste where her house was featured in Canvas Magazine. Custom made collection for Princess Jawaher's house.
2012® Square boxes especially designed for the baby shower of Haifa Bent Mansour Ben Abd Al Aziz daughter of Princess Jawaher.
2010® Alabaster Candles, Ramadan giveaways. Gifted to Francois Sarkouzy in 2009 by the Ambassador of Algeria in France. RIMAL PIECES Owned by Al Assad Family of Syria Owned by Princess Adla daughter of King Fahd. The Chairperson of Saudi Society for Heritage Preservation. PRIVATE CLIENTS CORPORATE CLIENTS Cappy Juice - Cocacola 2011® ALABASTER COLLECTION 2012 Coffee set and candle collection inspired by Sufi poetry and calligraphy as well as the Ottoman Empire era. The proverb used is “ My all, you are the pilgrimage to my heart” by Sufi poet Al Halag. 2012 COLLECTION Thank you For orders or inquiries please contact reemmansour98@gmail.com
Or call Omar Rifaat(+2) 0100-037-97-34
Yasmin Khalil(+2) 0122-003-38-92 Custom made crescents for a boutique in Saudi Arabia for Ramadan. 2011® CUSTOM PRODUCT SAMPLE
PRIVATE CLIENT Cappy Juice - Cocacola
Bianchi Real Estate
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