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Jack London Presentation

Jack London is an American author, and also a social activist. He is known for writing different than most of the other authors

Zaid Hamdallah

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Jack London Presentation

Jack London, born John Griffith Chaney, was an American author. He was born on January 12, 1876 in San Francisco. Aside from being an American author, Jack London was a journalist and a social activist. At a young age, his family moved around alot from place to place, making it hard for Jack London to settle in one place Biography Adventure, animal, nature, is what kind of genres Jack London wrote in. He also did a good job on describing the scene and the settings. Artistic Style Jack London believed in Socialism and followed Darwinism.London joined the Socialist Labor Party in April 1866, and wrote many books on Dystopia. Social Views Interesting Characteristics He was a farm boy at the age of seven. He was forced to work as a farmboy because of what happend to his families house after it burned during a fire. Jack London also had another job which was delivering newspapers on the street. Historical Relevance Jack London wrote different from others and introduced Realism into books, by writing about animals and nature. Author Work Jack London is most famous for his novel " The Call of The Wild", which is about two men with a pack of dogs, who are stuck in the snow and they try to escape, but the dogs cause more problems for them because they are always fighting. Jack London describes most of the scenes in this book in detail. Reference Jack London's two most famous books are "The White Fang", and "The Call of The Wild". Both of those books have alot of action in them.
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