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Cross Canada Tour!

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Kait Rose

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Cross Canada Tour!

Culture- the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group Hello, my name is Kaitlyn and I will be your tour guide this morning, as we tour the spectacular country of Canada! I have lived here my whole life, so I am very excited to show you around my country. :) CROSS CANADA TOUR Our first stop in Canada will be in the rich cultural city of Vancouver, in British Columbia.It is home to inspiring natural scenery and is a metropolitan core.In 2010, Vancouver held the Winter Olympics for the world. So there are many Canadian souvenir shops to remember your wonderful stay in Canada. These gift shops have everything from t-shirts to mugs to key chains with the country's name or symbol on it. Also in Vancouver, we will see the VanDusen Botanical Garden Museum which shows Canadian originated flowers and nature. Then, down Robson Street, we'll see Vancouver's main shopping and entertainment spot. You will find Canada's traditional and cultural clothing and entertainment. Next, our tour will take you to a local restaurant, like Abigail's Party, which serves fresh seafood, meat, produce and wine. To better understand Canada's languages/accents, Vancouver workers speak English, some French (as well as other languages from different countries) and there are 34 distinct aboriginal languages spoken by First Nations people across British Columbia. This is why I thought Vancouver, BC. is an important cultural stop in Canada. I hope you enjoyed the visit! Cultural Tourism- travel directed toward experiencing the arts, heritage, cuisine, and special character of a place Our next stop on our Cross Canada Tour is Fort McMurray, Alberta. Fort McMurray is famous for its association with the oil sands industry. Crude oil is a huge natural resource in Alberta. So, to discover further about the oil sands in Fort MuMurray, we're going to visit the Athabasca Oil Sands. We will view the workers in action, contracting and preparing the oil. After the exciting visit, we will stop at a local restaurant, for a good meal, before heading off to our next destination. Our 3rd stop on our Great North Tour is the community of Nahanni, Northwest Territories. To view the physical geography of the natural beauty in the territory, the tour will take us through the Nahanni National Park Reserve. This will open your eyes to magnificent Canadian mountains, that are great for hiking or capturing in a picture. The wildlife is captivating. You may see a moose, beaver, deer, mountain goat, caribou or black bear! The Nahanni National Park covers 300 square kilometers in the southwestern corner of the Northwest Territories, Much of the territory was not touched by glaciers, so it has, over time, evolved uniquely. Four canyons of the South Nahanni have cliff walls that reach almost 1500m above the river. In 1979, this was announced a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Through the National Park, we can also see the South Nahanni River, which is an unforgettable canoe or raft ride. So, for the more daring of our tourists, there's the "Nahanni River Adventures" where you will experience white water rafting and/or canoeing. After a long day at the National Park, we'll pack up and start on our next stop. Our next stop in Canada is the country's capital city, Ottawa, Ontario. Many things in Ottawa explain our culture because it is the capital. Here is the Government Buildings where our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, works. In the middle of the Parliament Building, is the Peace Tower. Beside it, is the War Museum on the right and the Confederation building on the left.After our free tour inside, we can stop at the Rideau Centre down the street.The Rideau Centre is a very large mall in Ottawa that contains a food court and 180 stores to visit. Make sure to buy a souvenir! Also, do not worry about language translating from English and French, because to work in Ottawa, you must be able to speak our country's national languages (English & French).Outside the Rideau Centre, downtown streets, are markets displaying home-grown or made Canadian food. Before dinner at a local restaurant like Sterling Restaurant (where they will serve us Canadian meat and produce,) the tour will go to the National Gallery of Canada. The gallery displays Canada's history of art and culture. This concludes our cultural tourism of Ottawa, and I hope you enjoyed the capital! Welcome to Campbellton, New Brunswick! As our second physical diversity stop, we are visiting Sugarloaf Provincial Park. Chaleur Bay and Restigouche River surround the park and make a wonderful water scape. You can explore the river by canoe. On the other side of the river, you will awe at the bouncing hills in Quebec. Once you hike the 1000 ft. mountain, look below to city life. In the winter, you can come back to ski on the mountains. Furthermore, there's 25km of hiking and biking trails to do, and a 4km Terry Fox Trail around the base of the mountain.Sugarloaf Provincial Park is a fun and nature-friendly place to be. Also in New Brunswick, is Magnetic Hill, which can pull a vehicle UP-hill! In Moncton, NB, it is a tourist-must! So on our next adventure, join us as we travel in Moncton. Physical Geography- the branch of geography concerned with natural features and phenomena of the Earth's surface Natural Resource- something that comes from the Earth, has value, and is useful Our last tour stop is the village of North Rustico, located in Queen's country, Prince Edward Island.It borders the PEI National Park and is a very active fishing port.Many of the East Coast provinces catch yummy fish, but today, I'll guide you in North Rustico's important natural resource region.In the months of May and June, lobster fishers bring in their delicious catch and from July on, they invite all to fishing tours they organize. And today, it just so happens, that Aiden's wife, Bev, from "Aiden's Deep Sea Fishing Trips" invited us on a deep sea fishing adventure to explore and discover Prince Edward Island's natural resource. On the trip, you will get to see the island, the waters, and maybe even a whale! On their two vessels to choose from, we will actually get to fish for Mackeral and Cod. On the voyage, you will learn about fishing as well as experience it! This is why North Rustico displays their natural resource efficently and I hope you enjoyed it. This concludes our tour across Canada , and I hope you had a fantastic time!! CANADA Over the course of our tour, starting in Oshawa,then to British Columbia, and ending at Prince Edward Island, we traveled a total distance of 9931.639 km. Vancouver> first cultural stop in Canada Fort McMurray- first natural resource stop Nahanni- first physical diversity stop Ottawa- second cultural stop Campbellton- second physical diversity stop in Canada North Rustico- second natural resource stop Monsignor John Pereyma C.S.S. Oshawa, Ontario BRING YOUR CAMERAS!:)
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