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Causes of the 1970 Bangladesh Liberation War

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Layan Anabtawi

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Causes of the 1970 Bangladesh Liberation War

1- a Federation based on the Lahore Resolution
2- central government dealt only with defense and foreign affairs
3- either two separate currencies for the two wings or same currency for both wings with provision that flight of capital is prevented and each wing maintain separate revenue accounts,
4- the units be given the authority to levy taxes and to collect revenue
5-separate foreign exchange accounts for both the wings
6- setting up a para-military force for East Bengal
Awami League:
six point movemnt
- East Bengal had been turned into a market to dump West Pakistani products
- The foreign trade policy was biased in favor of West Pakistani interests
- The ruling elite allocated and distributed resources in favor of West Pakistan.
Bengali argumets
- Between 1948 and 1960, East Pakistan made 70% of all of Pakistan's exports, while it only received 25% of imported money.
- 55% in Dakha vs 45% in Karachi
- East Pakistan: largest producer of raw jute
Causes: Political
Power and Economical exploitation
- The Muslim League
- Urdu vs. Bengali
- The language movement
- "Let me make it clear to you that the State Language of Pakistan is going to be Urdu and no other language. Anyone who tries to mislead you is really the enemy of Pakistan...so far as the State Language is concerned Pakistan's language shall be Urdu."
- Bengali granted official status in 1956
Causes: Language
Causes of
the 1970 Bangladesh Liberation War

- Partition of India 1947
- Emergence of East and West Pakistan
- Two-nation theory

Causes: Bhola Cyclone
- November 1970 -> coastal areas of East Begnal
- Central government criticized since it failed to aid victims
- Protests + demonstrations
- Awami League won 298 seats in the East Bengal elections and 167 seats at the National Assembly elections
- Social change
Causes: physical separation
2366.16 Km
- War broke out on March 26th 1971 after Operation Searchlight
- "systematic genocide"
- India assisted Bangali nationalists and cam in Dec. 3rd
- Pakistan defeated Dec. 16th
- largest number of prisoners-of-war since World War II.
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