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Mental Retardation in the Great Depression

Of Mice and Men

Jacie Bissell

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Mental Retardation in the Great Depression

in the Great Depression Mental Retardation The mentally ill stayed in mental institutions and hospitals. How old were the mentally ill when they got this disease? Improvements After the Great Depression The society gave no help to the mentally ill. They did not understand the severity of their conditions. Were the Mentally Ill supported? Often frustration occurred because they could not understand each other. Electroconvulsive Therapy-involves passing electrical current through the brain. This method is still used today. Treatments for the Mentally Ill Where did the Mentally Ill stay? They gave patients drugs, such as sedatives and insulin induced comas. All of the therapies induced seizures into patients. Psychiatrists claimed the therapies shocked patients out of their illness. http://boe.poca.k12.wv.us/pchs/novels/miceandmen/treatment.htm Our Sites People tried a lot harder to get help for the Mentally Retarded. http://www.toddlertime.com/advocacy/hospitals/Asylum/history-asylum.htm They referred to them as Lunatics. What did People call those who were Mentally Ill? Through astrological reasoning it was believed that insanity was caused by a full moon. What did the Mentally Ill do in the Great Depression? They did nothing. They were forced to stay in Caged Shelters and do nothing but sit there. There was about 6.4 mentally retarded in the U.S. in the 1930s What was the percentage of mentally retarded people in the 1930s When they were a baby. They just grew up and couldn't comprehend anything. This is a baby What Was the Life Expectancy? The illness took 15 years off a person's life. Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in an abducted hostage, in which the hostage shows signs of sympathy, loyalty or even voluntary compliance with the hostage taker, regardless of the risk in which the hostage has been placed. What was the most Severe disorder?
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