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Northwest Missouri State

No description

Victoria Holcomb

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Northwest Missouri State

Northwest Missouri State is located within the town of Maryville. It is home to a public school, the spoofhounds. There are many restaurants in the small town including; Senior Burrito, Apple Bee's, Happy Garden and a few food chains; McDonalds, Sonic, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. On Thursday nights, the local bowling alley holds cosmic bowling, $10 for two hours including shoe rentals. Also in the small town, is the Hangar, a movie theater with recent movies playing all week. Just a few miles on the outskirts of town is a Lake Mozingo, with an archery range, an obstacle course and is home to a golf course.
Northwest has provided textbooks to student for $7.00 a credit hour, included into tuition, compared to hundreds at other colleges. The rental program allows students to use textbooks to be returned at the end of each semester.
The university has provided free laundry to those living in the resident halls. There, also, is a laundry alert system that can text or email the student when their load is complete. It saves students money compared to other colleges, that cost a dollar each load in the washer and dryer.
The included laptops are offered to students who are either a full-time undergraduate (12 credit hours) or graduate (9 credit hours); to use while studying at Northwest. An on campus technical support is offered to any student needed it.
The University offers a textbook rental program, provides each student with a HP laptop and offers free laundry to all students in the Resident Halls. The cost is included in the students tuition and fees. These are just a few ways the university helps to save their students a few extra dollars.
Northwest Missouri State University: $4,288
Truman State University : $7,096
University of Missouri Kansas City : $8,103
Missouri University of Science & Technology : $8,220

**based on 2013-2014 academic year

There are clubs under organizations such as :
Academic/Departmental Student Organizations
Events & Event Planning Student Organizations
Governing Student Organizations
Greek Social Fraternities & Sororities
Honor Societies
Media - Student Organizations
Multicultural Student Organizations
Performing Student Organizations
Political Student
Political Student Organizations
Religious Student Organizations
Residential Life
Special Interest
Sports Clubs
There are over 150 + organizations to get involved
in at Northwest. There are clubs specific to certain majors and clubs that are for the general student body. If the club you want to join isn't created you can create one by going to Student Services.
Northwest Missouri State University
Established in 1905
Mozingo Lake
The Hangar
Mozingo's obstacle course.
Bearcat lanes.
Every year the school plants a new tree for each incoming Freshman class. The 2018 graduating class, has a Red Oak Tree planted in their honor.
A few students helped to plant the tree after our commencement. Throughout our college experience each student can watch the tree grow as each of us do.
Admission into the Honors Program requires, a minimum ACT composite score of 26 and a minimum high school GPA of 3.50. Once in the program the students have the opportunity to live in the upperclassmen dorm, South Complex, right in the heart of the campus. To graduate with honors each student must complete seven general education course under honors and hold a GPA of 3.50 throughout the four years. Honors student are also able to choose classes before any other student on campus.
Honors Program
Clubs & Organizations
Bibliography :
men's sports:
The Bearcat football team was 20-2 this past season, and were labeled the MIAA Champions. The year before 2013, the team was also labeled as the NCAA Division II Champions.
women's sports
This video shows a few of the 2018 graduating class planting our Red Oak Tree.
5,491 are undergraduate students
1,229 are graduate students
6,720 total students
Northwest Arboretum
Located on the Northwest Missouri State campus are 1,700 trees and more than 130 species. The school is known to be Missouri's arboretum. The campus is a beautiful place to admire the trees, especially in the dead of fall.
Tree Planting Ceremony
In State Tuition
Diversity of Northwest
This bell tower photo was found on http://www.nwmissouri.edu/arboretum/
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