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What Are Stem Cells?

No description

Lucy Hooper

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of What Are Stem Cells?

What are Stem Cells? Stem cells are populations of cells within organisms that retain their ability to divide and differentiate in to various types of cells. Stem cells have the potential to develop into many different cell types in the body during early life and growth. Stem cells serve as a form of internal repair system, dividing essentially without limit to replenish other cells as long as the person or animal is still alive. Definition: There are three types of stem cells: Adult- Adult stem cells sustain and repair tissues in a living organism. They are found in tissues such as bone marrow, blood, blood vessels, the brain, skin, skeletal muscles, and the liver. They can also, break apart and self-renew continually.

Embryonic- Embryonic stem cells originate from eggs that have been fertilized in vitro, which means they have not been fertilized in a woman's body.

Umbilical Cord- Umbilical cord stem cells come from the umbilical cord of a new born baby. The cells are slightly underdeveloped so they are able to progress into other types of cells.
What is the purpose of stem cells? http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/tech/stemcells/ Courtesy of: http://www.xcell-center.com/media/7679/stem_cell_specialisation.jpg Courtesy of: http://www.stemcellsforhope.com/images/StemPic1-small.JPG
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