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lasitha nawarathna

on 14 June 2013

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TAMAGO-YA of Japan
Supply Chain Management - Case Study
Group 05 presenters
- bringing lunch boxes to your work
•Tamago-ya (meaning “Egg-house”)
•1989-Isatsugu and his son Yuchiro Sughara’s entrepreneurial leadership and strong orientation toward efficient Supply Chain Management
• 1975-founded by Isatsugu Sugahara
Company Profile
Tamago-ya’s progress
1982 == sold 3,000lunch boxes per day
2002 == increased to 50,000
2010 == produced and delivered 70,000 boxes per day
grew revenue to JPY7,000 million (US$ 75.7 millions)
Lunch Box Design
* Forecasting type

* Forecasting behavior

Tamago-Ya offered only one menu per day more than 6 items and were made from organic and natural fresh ingredients and kept warm until they delivered.

*Tamago-Ya were eco friendly either by saving trees and also reusable boxes
Major competitor is “Seven Eleven Japan”
*Larger economic of scale

*Enable to sell variety of lunch box menu

*Price close to $ 5.00
TAMAGO-YA capabilities
Better quality product at lower price
Tamago-ya lunch box complete with food cost USA $ 4.65

7-Eleven lunch box cost close to USA $ 5.00.

Company keep 5% net income

Like 7-Eleven ; customer don’t need to wait in long queue

Customer can stay at office no hassle of going out
Delivering lunch boxes to your work
TAMAGO-YA capabilities
* Better quality product at lower price
Frequently change menus
Menus change daily

Published the menu14 days in advance

Getting customer feedback when collect the boxes
supplier management of Tamago-Ya
most critical part of supply chain
Tamago-Ya supplier's process

Tamago - Ya has five key suppliers

Ordering Process

Inventory management

Not depend on one supplier

They don't have large inventories

They are working with new technology

Maintain good relationship with suppliers
Why Tamago ya suppliers management special
Discussion points
How does Tamago-Ya get benefits from their suppliers?

Tamago-Ya does not have any marketing people. How do they overcome this situation?

Explain the forecasting method of Tamago-Ya?

How does Tamago-Ya reduce their cost?

What are the problems which they face?
* Forecasting process
Customers of Tamago-
Primary customers from Tokyo metropolitan area

Customers are segmented into 8 geographical areas

Their major customers are Mitsubishi Corporation, Sumitomo Corporation, NEC, Sony, Panasonic etc.
They only have drivers for as their salespeople and marketing team

All new customers are needed to be interview and register to customer data base

They do not accept all the potential customers
Sales Team of tamago -ya
HR Practices
2009- Owned 150 Vans and 200 Drivers

They are organized into 8 groups by region

Each group is divided into 3 subgroups which have 5 drivers, one group manager and each driver owned a route

A typical driver delivers 400 lunch boxes per day
* Introduction

* product

* customers

* sales team

* Human resource management

* forecasting
* suppliers

* production and logistics

* competition

* uniqueness of the company

* discussion points
SCM-in Production and Logistic of TAMAGO-YA OF JAPAN
Role of Logistic in Supply chains

Role of logistics in Tamago ya
People are more willing to buy their food because of their different menus with natural and fresh ingredients
Loss is low because of their proper forecasting method
They have good customer relationship because of their transportation and communication system
Cost is low because of reusable boxes
They do not spend money for marketing
Customers are more willing to give them orders because of their flexibility
Easy to achieve their goals on time because of the way they dealing with the suppliers
Uniqueness of the Tamago- Ya
Thank You
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