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FY2014 Budget Hearing Sylacauga City Schools

No description

Lisa Dickerson

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of FY2014 Budget Hearing Sylacauga City Schools

ALSDE Budgeting Guidelines
Each Board of Education is required to:
-Hold at least two open public hearings
-Conduct hearing at a convenient time and place
-Publicize the date and time of the hearings

All anticipated revenues from State, Federal and local sources are included

Conservative revenue estimates have been used on local sources

Resources have been assigned to various programs to best serve the needs of students
Key Factors in Budgeting
Instructional Needs
Personnel Costs
State Funding
Federal Budget Constraints
Local Revenue Projections
Facilities Maintenance
Capital Planning
Education Trust Fund Budget Highlights
ETF (Foundation Program) Increased by $198,272
Transportation Operations Increased by $42,857
Public School Funds Decreased by $35,227
10 Mill Match Increased $184,430 -
Statewide Increase $9.9M
Raise 2% and Retirement Increase 1% = $420,000+

State Earned Units
Enrollment by School
Sylacauga City Schools
2013-2014 Budget
Enhance the Planning Process
Inform Community
Provide a Forum for Public Input
Foster Public Support
Purpose of Hearings
Teacher Units by Source of Fund
Funding for Other Positions
*The system lost funding for library aides this year and moved them to other positions in the school system.
Major Expenses
Curriculum/Professional Development
AVID, AP, CCRS, RTI $139,215

Classroom Materials & Supplies $83,071

Textbooks ($31.35/ADM) $74,535
Electricity, Water/Sewer, Gas $663,821

Building Repairs & Maintenance $93,893

Purchased Services $40,500

Pupil Transportation
Operations & Maintenance
Fuel, Repairs & Parts $129,665
Insurance $5,000
Drug Testing $1,564
Telephones, Supplies $6,400
Child Nutrition Pass Thru for Raises and Benefits
Federal Programs
Title II
Title I
Title VI
Child Nutrition Program
Capital Projects
Capital Improvements
Thank you for attending!
Federal Funds Reductions
Reduction of $65,000 or 4.7%
Carl D. Perkins Funds $33,246
O & M Allocation $18,568
Bond Issue $124,114
Every Sylacauga student will be
College, Career and Community Ready!
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