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Carolyn Elder: Quick Portfolio

Brief Portfolio of Creative Communications, Marketing and Digital Project Management Work.

Carolyn Elder

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of Carolyn Elder: Quick Portfolio

Carolyn Elder:

marketing &
designed and wrote
quarterly newsletters.
created freelance invitations
sent via e-mail for birthday parties
and community social events.
annual reports, presentations, ads, fliers and more.
magazine &
news writing
wrote stories for a city lifestyle magazine, a home magazine, bride magazine, as well as a magazine aimed at older adults.
wrote stories for a trade magazine based in St. Louis, MO for the paint and decorating retail industry.
handled all media requests, wrote all press releases and represented the organization very effectively in the media.
created all marketing & communications for a city farmer's market including the web site, banners, postcards, logos, press releases, e-blasts and managed events.
my stories addressing mental health issues won the magazine an award for health coverage from the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
marketing & communications
managed all marketing for a loyalty program aimed at universities and large food manufacturers ...
program sell sheets
managed e-blasts to loyalty program members
for manufacturers like NationalChecking.
managed program events including development of invitations.
online marketing &
project management
managed website development projects for hotels all over the U.S., Canada and Latin America.
managed all client calls, created sitemaps, advised design teams and wrote/edited Web copy.
"Enthusiastic, motivated, creative, hard-working and personable are just a few words that describe Carolyn. In addition to her knowledge of media and communicating to the masses, she's is a talented designer and visionary. I've had the opportunity to work with and for Carolyn on two projects: one for a regional YMCA and another for a community farmer's market. Both projects were made easier because of Carolyn's vision and preparedness. Everything was provided to me up front -- requirements, a design concept and technical specifications. She's a pleasure to work with, has a great team attitude and is willing to make adjustments as necessary to result in the success of the task-at-hand."

— Scott, Web Consultant, RedleSetGo! Enterprises, was a consultant or contractor to Carolyn at Ozarks Regional YMCA - Corp. Offices
"Carolyn used her able networking skills to report strong stories for our southwest Missouri regional magazines. She's also a very strong marketer with the ability to combine promotional-writing skills with a flair for visuals and designs."
— Gregory Holman, executive editor, 417 magazine
"Carolyn was an outstanding asset to our small, yet robust interactive team. As was true of everyone, Carolyn wore multiple hats and stepped up to the plate when we needed extra hands on deck. She was great with the details, respected by the team and created a sound rapport with our clients. She was also a stickler for the rules -- but knew when it was important to role with the punches. I am glad that Carolyn and I stay connected."
— Greg Schutta, Partner, Technology Services, Alchemedia Project, managed Carolyn
"Carolyn is extremely professional and has amazing abilities to nail-down every aspect of the various projects she juggles. I really enjoy working with Carolyn and it's because she enjoys her job."
— Kevin Schumacher, Sr. Production & Training Manager, TravelCLICK, worked directly with Carolyn at TravelCLICK
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