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elton afriyie

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Motivation

A force that initiates, guides and maintains goal-orientated behavior. It is what causes us to start and finish a task.
The concept of altering a person's drive to complete a task
Motivation Level Strategies

Kellogg provides their own type of Hierarchy that helps them get the best out of their employees
Maslow Hierarchy Of Needs (Kellogg)
This abbreviation means Existence, Related and Growth Needs
ERG Theory
The concept of which people have a motive to find happiness and a way of regulating behavior
Acquired Need Theory
Need for a achievement- Desire to do something better to resolve the problem
Ambition Necessities
Operant Conditioning- Controlling behavior by manipulating the consequences
Behavior Regulation
Video Time
Why Kanye is an angry little man
There are many strategies and theories `
This drive makes a person overcome stress and helps accomplishes their goal or beyond it
Reinforcement of passion that comes within a person's mind because of the internal or external benefits
This theory has a correlation with internal and external rewards
Extrinsic Rewards
A person getting benefits for their services
Ex. Going to work five days a week to get money and getting your paycheck for the amount of hours you worked
Intrinsic Rewards
Companies and individuals use at least one of these strategies to increase the efficiency of work
Benefits that award people in body or mind
Ex. If a person wants to increase their muscle endurance they will do a lot of repetitions of an exercise for a certain muscle group
Physiological Needs
Kellogg offers competitive salaries. This gives people the basic needs to live
They also provide flexible benefits, this gives employees the choice of what benefits to choose from (ex. child vouchers, cash alternatives to company cars and assurance schemes
These savings and competitive salaries motivate employees to do their best
Safety Needs
Kellogg values the safety the of all their employees
The company makes a healthy and safe work environment to make sure no accidents will happen
Employees are accountable for their actions and choices so if they see or hear something unethical, morally wrong or hazardous they need to report it
They also give employees flexible work patterns like working from home or at the factory, which ever place they feel most safe at
Social Needs
Kellogg operates weekly group "Huddles", this provides informal opportunities for employees to request information on any part of the business
This strengthens teams and gives workers a sense of belonging
Having an open approach of communication keeps everyone focused on the company's goals
Kellogg gives workers the opportunity to take on challenging and stimulating responsibilities
This gives them a sense of ownership and helps them develop and improve their skills
These are needs Kellogg tries to fulfill
This theory organizes the need for every employee's reason for going to work
Existence Needs
Basic material needs everyone has to have
Ex. Food, water, shelter
Related Needs
Satisfying interpersonal relationships
This can range from noble actions to building, family, friend and co-worker relationships
Growth Needs
The development of psychological maturity
This need broadens the mind by giving insight and exercising critical and cognitive thinking
There are separated into two categories ambition necessities and behavior regulation
Need for Power- Desire to control people and influence others
Need for Affiliation- Desire to establish and maintain good relationships
Positive Reinforcement- Making a desirable consequence
Negative Reinforcement- Making the awareness of an undesirable consequence
Punishment- Making an unpleasant consequence
Extinction- The removal of a desirable consequence
Kanye West
Founder G.O.O.D. Music record label
Hip-Hop artist, song writer, music producer, film director, entrepreneur, and fashion designer
Help with the concept of leather jogging pants and Air Yeezy
Shows all the components of motivation level strategies (Self-determination, Intrinsic reward and extrinsic rewards)
Real name: Andre Romelle Young
Founder and current CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics
Inventor Of Beats by dre headphones
Always looking for possibilities to make better products and focuses more on the negatives to get rid of any potential problems
Has a team of interns to work for him and understand how he thinks
Treats his employees as if they are family so they can feel comfortable and honest with him
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