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Dance History - an introduction

AS Performing Arts

Jonny Hate

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Dance History - an introduction

What is Dance?
In the beginning - there was BALLET!
Traditional Ballet
story telling
set roles for men and women
conforms to the fourth wall
heavily artistic
What skills are needed to be a ballet dancer?
Has Dance changed or developed over the years....if so how?
How do these styles demonstrate different skills?
The Modern Revolution!
A pioneer of the Modern Dance Movement, Martha Graham revolutionised Dance
emotions became key
the body was freed from the bound control of Ballet
new creative approaches were founded in techniques on both sides of the Atlantic
Serious issues were explored rather than fairy tale stories
Post Modern Dance
a stand against the compositional restraints of modern dance
complete creative freedom
the question of 'what is dance?'
the chaos of chance!
Contemporary Dance - as we know it...
physical and daring
thought provoking
explosive and intimate
socio-political contexts
engaging and inclusive
Is it still Dance?
Which style of dance do you find the most compelling/interesting and why?
As a dancer times have changed, and the demands on performers have also changed.
There is no longer the same gender division and therefore dancers need greater balance of skills.
Next week you will begin working on Unit 1 - based on developing your skills.

In preparation for this, you need to consider the skills you want to develop.

You will also need to consider extra curricular training opportunities.
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