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Hoya Living Orientation 16-17

No description

Cory Peterson

on 22 August 2017

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Transcript of Hoya Living Orientation 16-17

Living in the Neighborhood
Office of Neighborhood Life

Orientation Goals
and Leasing
1. Responsibilities of the Tenant
Know and understand your lease
Housing Checklist
Property Maintenance
Trash & Recycling disposal

2. Responsibilities of your Landlord
Ensure the lease is followed
Address and fix issues in a timely manner as stipulated by the lease
Maintain effective communication
Ensure the property meets minimum safety standards.

Safety in
Your Home
Basic Business License
Property Information Verification System (PIVS)
Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA)
Office of the Tenant Advocate (OTA)
Friends of Rigby Foundation items

Student Neighborhood Assistance Program
(202) 687-8413
Georgetown University Police Department
(202) 687-4343
Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service
(202) 687-4357
Alcohol & Noise
Trash Guide
Property Maintenance
Parking &
Lots of transportation options
GUTS, Metrorail, Metrobus, Circulator, Capital Bikeshare, Zipcar, Car2Go

"Undergraduate students are prohibited from bringing a car or other motor vehicle to campus and parking it on the street in West Georgetown, Burleith, and Foxhall Village."

Office of Neighborhood Life
Here to help you!
Community Directors
Connections with Government agencies such as DCRA and OTA
Off Campus Housing Resources
Programming opportunities
Tips for positive community engagement

Student Advocacy Office
Peer to peer assistance with anything relating to the Student Code of Conduct and the adjudication process.
Free and confidential
Assist with reviewing your case and if needed, help you write an appeal
Can attend a conduct meeting with you
Georgetown Student Tenant Association
Peer to peer assistance by a 501(c)3 not for profit organization started by Georgetown students
Free and confidential
Can review leases
Assist with government resources
Does not offer legal advice
Office of
Student Conduct
537 Leavey Center
(202) 687-4553

Email Samantha Herrell at
for more information

Master Planning
Trash (cont.)
Burleith & Foxhall
Trash and Recycling Pickup is every Thursday
Cans must be located at the back of property, directly behind house
Cans should not be clustered with cans from another house
Trash Pickup is Tuesdays & Fridays
Recycling Pickup is Fridays Only
Houses may have two (2) garbage cans and one (1) recycling bin
Cans go out after 6:30pm day before
Cans back in by 8:00pm day of trash/recycling pick up
Trash is picked up in front of your property
Public display/not visible from street
Thank you to our sponsors this year!

Living in Your Home
Attendees will be able to...

Know your rights
as a student tenant

2. Identify the responsibilities of
living in the neighborhood
(property maintenance, noise ordinance, etc.)

3. Know the
available to you throughout the year (SNAP, ONL, etc.)
Pedro Arrupe, S.J. Hall - Opening Fall 2016
Thompson Athletic Center - Opening Fall 2016
Ryan Hall & Freedom Hall - Opened Fall 2015
Healey Family Student Center - Opened Fall 2014
Bulldog Tavern - Open Fall 2014
Epicurean - Open 24/7
Georgetown University
Noise Policy
Noise (cont.)
Trash (cont.)
West Georgetown
Introduction and Welcome
Weeds and tree boxes
Snow removal in winter (Winter Houses)

Keep your property free of garbage and litter
Responsible for everything in front of your property including up to 18" into street
Double check your lease to see if you or landlord have responsibility for property maintenance

The Office of Neighborhood Life has
supplies to help you keep your
property maintained
District of Columbia
Noise at Night Law
General trash
You must have undamaged trashcan(s)
Cans must have lid on at all times
Trash can't overflow
All trash must be placed in bags in can
Trash slides one day on holiday weeks
General recycling rules
Clean and residue free
Pizza boxes are not recyclable
Boxes should be broken down and stacked neatly beside trashcan
What about bulk trash or missed pickup?
311.dc.gov to report for pick up
City and University can impose fines for violations
Student Safety
Trained EMT certified
Free transportation to hospital
University Amnesty Policy
Trash (cont.)
The Cloisters
Trash pickup is Tuesday & Friday
Recycling pickup is Tuesday
Trash pickup is through Tenleytown Trash
Cans go out after 6:00pm the day before
Cans go back by 8:00pm day of pickup.
Metropolitan Police Department

(202) 784-RIDE
SNAP's role in the neighborhood
Respond to concerns
Proactively interact with students
Operates primarily:
Friday, Saturday 5-10 pm
Thursday, Friday and Saturdays 10 pm - 3 am

Next Steps?
Student Conduct may contact residents
1300 36th Street, NW

GPS tracking available
Safe alternative to walking alone at night. Providing point to point service.

Saferides service begins every evening at 8PM.

The service is available Sunday-Wednesday until 2AM
Thursday-Saturday until 3AM
7 4 3 3
"Excessive noise inside or outside a building is unacceptable. This will mean that if noise can be heard beyond the property line, it is probably too noisy, taking into account the time and nature of the activity generating the sound."
Not time restrictive
Strong sanctions can be given
University noise policy off campus referred to as Disorderly Conduct in Code of Student Conduct
HLG - 3


(202) 687-5138
Trash Locations
Hoya Kids
Alumni Square
Holy Trinity
"It is unlawful for a person to make unreasonably loud noise between 10 pm - 7 am that is likely to annoy or disturb one or more persons in their residences."
Cory Peterson
PT Jones
Assistant Director
Theon O'Connor
Community Director, Burleith
Samantha Herrell
ommunity Director, West Georgetown
Catherine Finnegan
Program Coordinator
Michelle Siemietkowski
Off-Campus Chaplain
Can be enforced by a physical arrest, or the issuance of a 61D citation.
Alcohol Laws

"It is illegal in every state in America for persons under the age of 21 to purchase and/or publicly possess alcoholic beverages."
The Office of Neighborhood Life has been working with local neighbors to invite students into their homes for a meal. We are currently in talks with hosts who have worked for NASA, the EPA, the WorldBank, a local entreprenuer, and a traveling journalist.
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