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Team 9 IKEA Sleeptober

No description

Kissy Tsang

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Team 9 IKEA Sleeptober

IKEA Sleeptober
Thoughtful Arrangement
Based on the sleeping habits and preference of the participants
Event Background
"Special" Areas
The and Sleepover event in Hong Kong
Interesting Settings
Relaxing atmosphere with
home setting
Event Timeline
Sleepover Experience

Event Details
5 October, 2013
L’Hotel Nina et Convention Centre, Tsuen Wan
IKEA mattress and bedroom goodies worth up to $8500

Event Objectives

Raise public awareness on IKEA bedroom products

Interact directly with customers
Upload photo
to Facebook

IKEA sleeptober
29th Aug
18th Sep
5th-6th Oct
Event Background
"Special" Areas
Learning Insights
Upload a photo and fill in application
form in “IKEA Sleeptober” app page.

The result will be based on
Number of votes from “IKEA Sleeptober” Facebook page (30%)
Creativity judging by IKEA judging panel (70%)

40 winners in the competition
Every winner is eligible to bring along one person

Activities before the sleep:

During the sleeptober:

In the next morning…

Novel Event
Selected mattress and beddings (as Gifts)

Pleasing Gifts
Tailor-made eyeshade embroidered with participants' name
Teddy bear accompanying with participants to sleep
Taking good care of participants
Event T-shirt
Personal care products
e.g. towel, toothbrush
Plentiful Activities
Kandy and Louis

promote good sleeping quality
how to choose suitable mattress and pillow
Common area for relaxing and social networking
Snacks, drinks and fruits
Sleeping time
Try the IKEA products
Morning exercises
Guided by fitness trainers
End of the IKEA Sleeptober
Pick their gifts
Learning Insights
Power of Social Media
Speedy spread of news aroused public attention to the event
IKEA Sleeptober party
received over 1000 submissions
Public relations of IKEA
invited several bloggers to the event
Good relationship with bloggers gains positive word-of-mouth about the event
Increased level of Involvement
Pleasant venue atmosphere, personalized offerings and daily activities ensure participants feel relaxed and enjoyed
Edutainment Content
Educating and Entertaining elements are value-adding
Participants can understand the product benefits thoroughly
Memorable Tangibles
Q & A
Participants can remember the event with long-lasting attachment of the brand
After our special event, all our participants
get to bring home bags full of IKEA goodies.
With all their new bedroom items, our fans
will be waking up with a big smile on their
faces by tomorrow morning!
40 Beds in the same area
Watch show when sleeping on the bed
Play games with celebrities

Toy story 3

Performance and live music
Target Audience:
IKEA fans
Ko Cheuk Ki, Elvis 52585185
Lui Man Hung 52581045
Ha Zi Kiu, Joanne 52576754
Tsang Suet Ying, Kissy 52754920
Yeung Mei Yee, Maisie 52415670
Yim To Ming 52352144

Educate participants good quality sleeping
IKEA's Target market:
Young Adult/ Family
Application period
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