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5 themes project

No description

destiny rodriguez

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of 5 themes project

by Destiny Rodriguez 3-b 5 themes of geography
in Jacksonville,Florida LOCATION PLACE *location tells us "where we are"
location=site the absolute location of Jacksonville Florida is 81 degrees 37.9'W 28 degrees 8'N the relative location of Jacksonville
Florida is 12 mi. NNW of Brooksville. HUMAN/ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION MOVEMENT REGIONS describes what makes a place
different and unique (physical & human characteristics) *the relationship between humans
and their environment -we depend on our environment for food, water, air -we adapt to our environment by buying the the right clothing to fit the temperature -we modify the environment by cleaning forest, making bridges and cutting down trees *the movement of people, goods and ideas -we transport goods through ships, air planes, trains etc.
-we transport ideas through people who come from different places as well as advertisement
-and as people move to different places the experience different things *an area with a shared characteristics -there are three types of regions
*perceptual absolute location relative location physical human movement
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