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Utopia vs. Dystopia

The ultimate battle between to popular types of literature, each at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Emma Semrau

on 12 January 2011

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Transcript of Utopia vs. Dystopia

Utopia vs. dystopia Utopia - (yoo-toh-pee-uh) n. An imaginary place or state to be considered perfect or ideal. Dystopia (dis-toh-pee-uh) n. A place charcterized by things such as human misery,oppression, disease, and overcrowding. Utopian fiction pertains to worlds where everything is perfect, such as these: One of the oldest utopian drawings in the world. This picture shows an oppresive world where children live on the streets. The Giver by Lois Lowry Extras by Scott Westerfeld Dystpian fiction is just a popular as utopian fiction. Here are some famous works from this side of the spectrum. The Time Machine by H.G. Wells Fahrenheit 451 by RAy Bradbury Guy Montag is a "fireman" in the 1990's* and his job is to burn books. All his life he never really questioned why they should be destroyed but now he starts realizing the value of them. With the help of a retired English teacher, Guy discovers the cruelty of his world and makes a plan to change it.
* This book was written before 1990 so it was considered "the future). An English inventor builds a time machine and rockets into the future. When he stops, he finds a childlike race called the Eloi. Puzzled by these people, he returns to the site of his invention to find that his machine has been stolen by a species called Morlocks. He'll have to fight to get back to his own time. This story is set in a world where society is absolutely perfect and there's no war or crime. But there's no feeling, either. No expression or color. Jonas has always thought that his world was ideal until he was selected to be the new Receiver. He will now absorb all of the memories of the world as it was. But the question is, can he take it? Aya can't be caught again. She almost lost her hovercam the last time. Aya lives in a world where your status is literally your life. If you don't have a hovercam recording the most exciting thing ever, you may as well be invisible. And Aya wants fame, fortune, and a clique of her own. This is what leads her to a secret group who break the rules and don't care about status. Curious, she joins and plans to secretly record the outings and finally acheive her dream. But strange things are witnessed and journeys must be made. Chosen your side yet? The hidden Emerald Lake on Ko Mae Ko in China looks like a beautiful utopia. A utopia is generally thought
of as a happy environment. A dystopia is usually a negative environment. Many countries today, such as Mexico,
are overcrowded due to overpopulation.
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